So, we’re still on our popsicle stick kick. Here’s what inspired us.

A great way of learning numbers as well as reading is by having a counting book. Learning math can go anywhere if you just carry one such counting book with yourself where ever you go. You can have counting books that illustrate area of a field which means that these books start off with a single picture which will count as one and in the next page they will add another picture that matches the previous one which will count as 2 and in the third page another picture and so on. This help the kids in future if they want to trade and learn Via Top 10 Binary Demo

Another type of book to learn counting which is useful for different age group of kids is having a book which has 2 levels of math in a single page. There is simple counting of animals and addition of numbers whose result will show the number of animals.

There is a counting book which has a person who travels around the world collects souvenirs. Now counting this souvenir will help in learning numbers, and also about the country’s culture and values because each souvenir has printed on it that particular country’s information. This is a perfect combination for small and big kids.

Another great book for toddlers is a book that has counting animals which involve different types of noises they make, since kids will love to make the same noises and learning becomes fun.

Having accounting book which has rhyming sentences written in the form of a story which illustrates about a shop and the number of people who visit it keeps increasing. First only one person arrives in the first page then in the second page one person more is included and so on. It not only helps in accounting but also has a hidden message which says there is always room for everyone.

pencil book
One Some Many by Martha Jocelyn and Tom Slaughter is a gorgeous counting book.
One Some Many
Slaughter is an acclaimed artist whose works are in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art. I love the bright colors–so inspiring. In fact, Juliet started making pencils and ended up painting a picture of a flower and a bee from another page in this book.
We turned them into magnets. (Just like the ones from yesterday.)
pencil and cricket
We’ve been reading a bunch of “back to school books”. This is an illustration from A Pocketful of Cricket by Rebecca Caudill (illustrated by Evaline Ness).
A Pocketful of Cricket
The Rattlesnake Who Went to School
The Rattlesnake Who Went to School is another fun one for back-to-school.

Do you have any favorites to recommend?

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