We were looking for a fun “egg” craft to do that didn’t involve actual eggs…so we came up with this. I just cut out a basket from some scrapbook paper and opened up some paint.

There is a method in cryptology where messages are encrypted using a code. Encrypting messages means words or phrases which are converted into something else. Let’s take an example to understand this. Suppose you have a word “hello” it will be transformed into “CDHK” or “Greeting lounge”. If you want to encrypt or decrypt a word or a phrase, you need to have a codebook to do so.

Cipher is a term involved with cryptography. It is an algorithm for performing encryption and decryption process. It is a sequentially well-defined step which is followed by a procedure to encrypt and decrypt. There is another very less common term used instead of the cipher which is ‘encipherment’.

Individual letters or small group of letters are encrypted by the ciphers. There are also some modern ciphers which have the capability to even encrypt individual bits of the message. The message you want to encrypt or decrypt is first transformed by a code and then later by the cypher. Cryptanalysis is made difficult by such multiple encryptions which are also known as superencryption.

The difference between the codes and ciphers is that in coding letters or group of words are directly represented without the use of mathematical formulas whereas when it comes to cipher, a letter of a group of letters are encrypted and decrypted using a mathematical formula. When it comes to coding it has the variety of drawbacks such as we need to manage a big cumbersome codebook. Another disadvantage is that susceptibility to cryptanalysis. Since cipher is a less complex way to encrypt and decrypt they have become more dominant technique is used in modern cryptography. Crypto code is a software used to trade Bitcoins.

The codes are not susceptible to the mathematical analysis of each element in the codebook because of this the codes are very representational. Suppose you have a set of the message which says 16 28 34. It can be divided into each number like 16 and then ranking them alphabetically, but in the codebook cryptanalysis, it says that the individual code element’s comparative frequency must match the same frequency of letters. The matching must take place within the plaintext message using frequency analysis.

egg basket
It was fun to fill our baskets with eggs! I think these would be cute as cards for the grandparents or even as little keepsakes. I think I might get out the alphabet stamps and personalize Juliet’s basket. And unlike Pottery Barn, it will not cost me $6 to do so.

What egg activities/crafts are you doing?

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