Starting a business and running it successfully is not as easy as one would think. One has to face a lot of hurdles, smash the challenges and keep on moving without losing confidence and hope. The owner’s intellect, hard work, financial management are the factors that influence the success rate. Advertisement or Marketing is also as important as the above-mentioned factors. Even though the manufactured product or commodity is good, marketing is crucial to let the people know their existence. Let’s us see how advertising helps with the business.

Imagine a day without any ads being telecasted on TV and nothing is shown in the newspaper. How come we will be aware of the new products, and different available brands?Difficult to imagine such scenario, right?

  • The way the advertisements are created stimulates and motivates people to buy them, thereby the sales are increased.
  • Advertising helps to face fellow competitors and perform up to the level of people’s expectation. If our products are not advertised enough, people may forget our brand and the competitors will take the upper hand.
  • It helps to create a good name and fame for the company and assists in earning customer’s loyalty.
  • Advertising attracts more retailers to the firm. This, in turn, increases the demand and supply, and hence huge profits can be attained.
  • One can educate people about the various uses of the product, which people are not aware of. This will change the outlook of the people at the product. Thereby people upgrade their lifestyle and this leads to the betterment of society.
  • Apart from these, advertising benefits the media too. It creates employment opportunities for many engineering graduates, graphic designers, and

Types of advertising:

  1. Newspaper and Television: These are the conventional platforms for advertising the goods. Most people read newspapers and TV is part of every home. So it gives maximum reach to the products.
  2. Leaflet: Every one of us has received a paper advertising something at least once in our life. These leaflets are issued in heavily crowded places like shopping malls, public gatherings.
  3. Online: Advertising through online resources is the latest trend. We can go for paid advertising or improve our search engine ranking through SEO services. Online marketing is a way to reach global customers.
  4. So, no matter what the product is, to get it sold, it must reach the customers, which is possible only through advertisement.