This Is My Story And I Promise You That Is Going To Be Inspiring!


Way back in 2008, I had only begun my career when the great economic disturbance took place!

I would have not in my wildest dreams thought that after a brilliant academic career spanning five glorious years readying myself for a rewarding industry, I was soon to be at crossroads and thinking what to do in order to be able to survive.

I lost my well-paying job only two months into it:

Actually speaking, there is no reason that I can blame anyone. The recession was taking a toll on everyone and if the management did not hand over the pink slip to the newest entrants then they would have wanted to hand it over to the seniors in the organization and that would definitely not have sounded fair.

Dejected, I trudged along home!

I wanted to cry but that day my voice would not come out from my throat. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t know how I would begin to start picking myself up.

QProfit is what happened to me now!

The job market was killing. There was no way I could have got a job even if I kept trying and with the best credentials ever, so I was thinking in terms of online trading which could be done from home itself.

I had worked on a project in my final year on to how to generate profits on the trading platforms. In that project, I remembered that while beta testing a score of software, I had quite a deft hand at turning around all the losing sales.

Midas touch?

I wasn’t too confident but I knew that I had to take a plunge now or else I would lose my dignity forever. I had no big savings to cushion me for too long. There was nothing that I could do except try my luck at the trading software. I got on to one called QProfit System because I knew this was a legit one from my project days.

No sooner had I logged in, I started seeing money!

A few days into trading and a few hundred dollars richer in profit alone was enough to get me on track. My confidence back, I knew that if I took my game seriously, I would definitely be able to survive long enough that the recession lasted.

I am so glad that I made the right decision at that time. I was resilient until the depression was gone. Today, I have a corporate job but trading is still a passion. I make sure that I trade for at least one hour before I touch the bed!