I have been hoping to find a copy of Extra Yarn for quite some time now, and just happened to stumble across it at our library last week.

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It was every bit as delightful as I hoped it would be.

Do you knit? I don’t, but wish that I did. Either way, knitter or non-knitter, you will love this book about a little girl with a very special box of yarn. (There’s a ton of yarn-bombing going on in this book–and I can’t get enough of it.)

My acquisition of Extra Yarn coincided with some other great books about creating things with one’s hands. I thought I’d share them here for you.

My grandparents always lived far away from my and now my children’s grandparents live far from them, so this one made me tear up a bit as I read it. Yoko begins her life living in Japan near her grandparents who teach her how to make paper cranes.

Later, she moves to America and makes paper cranes to send back to her grandparents in Japan. The illustrations are beautiful and there are instructions on how to make a paper crane. We did not try it, but maybe one day we will.

The story of New York basket makers, Basket Moon, is a beautifully written story about a lost art and how one young boy learns to take pride in himself, his people, and his craft.

Too Many Tamales takes place on Christmas Eve–so it’s a good one to check during the holiday season, too. Maria thinks she accidently loses her mother’s diamond ring in the tamale dough and then she and her cousins try to find it. She ends up going to her mother and telling her the truth about what happened. She then happily discovers her mother’s ring on her hand. More tamale making follows and everyone has a good laugh.Also, at the end, you will be really hungry for tamales. And really sad that you can’t make them for yourself. (Or maybe that’s just me. You probably CAN make them for yourself.)

Do you have a favorite “making” book? Have you or your kids been making anything lately? Leave a comment and let me know!

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