Taking A Tour Of The Demo Account Can Really Help You

What is the first thing you will look at an online trading platform? It might be the returns or the deposit. I would recommend nothing of these as the first criterion for deciding on the trading robot for your perfect launch into the trading market. That is the facility of trying a demo account before actually starting the trading process. And by saying a demo account, it means that it should be a completely free account. Why should you spend money on testing a trial run which might lead you to become a real customer? Some platforms do claim that these accounts are completely free, but even you might have come across a review that warns about registration as a compulsory before taking the demo run. That might rob some money out of your account n the extreme cases.


Listing out the real advantages of using a demo account


Yes, to start with the basic purpose, all the trading software offer a free demo account to showcase how efficient their robot is. You should also take this as the same opportunity to analyze how efficient the robot is, also suitable it is for you to take the signals at the right time and take the right decisions.

There are so many indicators, and unless you have some kind of idea of what these indicators are talking about, you cannot decide on which one will give you the best result. For some, it may be a test and discovery process, which obviously you would not want to be a real trading business. So, the ideal way is to try your combination of indicators and how well you can match that with your options on a free demo account.

The assets are numerous, so are the classes and the commodities. Which one is your pick? And, what about your strategy? You cannot experiment with all these directly in the live market. Coming to terms with all these trading factors, their performance and how well you can bank on them, all that is possible through a demo account.

Imagine yourself participating in a high profile racing competition for the first time. The crowd, the electrifying atmosphere, the expectation, the deciding courses, the result and finally, the risk of losing! Which situation would you prefer: a first-time experience or a prior acclimatization in a similar, but practicing scenario? The vote goes for the second and this is exactly what a demo trading account will do for. You know it, practice makes a man perfect.


Trade With A Robot With Human Brain

Whom do you trust more: a human or a machine made by humans? The answer varies from person to person. For some, nothing can replace the real-life performance and reliability of a human. Working with a human agent is more of an interactive nature rather than working with a machine or even a robot, which is more like a tape recorder. The robot takes in what we are feeding, which may be a voice, command or an automatic program, but rarely gives any interactive response.


For the rest, working with a robot is more preferred, because of the accuracy, speed and lesser time and effort required when compared with a human trading agent. A human broker might get overloaded sometimes when he has multiple clients to be taken care of at the same time, multiple markets, and very high number of diverse assets to check for. There is always a room for error, time lags or misinterpretations due to emotional and environmental influence. Whatever be the issues in both the cases, there are several advantages while taking the service of a human broker and an online trading robot.


How about a combination of both?


We decided to combine the advantages of using a human brain and an artificial brain into a single platform through which traders can reap benefits without suffering any of the problems with either of the trading methods.

By opting to take the help of our combo-platform, our traders are actually getting the service of our flawless automatic trading robot and our expert retail brokers. The robot has been designed by keeping in mind all the determining indicators and signal generators and the brokers have years of experience and exposure in different trade markets.


The trading platform we are offering cover the widest range of assets and the most accurate prediction models to reduce your risk considerably, far ahead of the competitors. You can get the list of assets in the full article about our services. Choose to trade using our online model in three modes:

  1. Fully automatic mode
  2. Retailer mode
  3. Combo-mode


In the fully automatic mode, you are guided by a super-robot, which gives you the best returns in the shortest time and minimum investment. When you select the retailer mode, an online retail broker will give you real-time assistance for trading in the market with the help of the live screen. In the third special mode, you trade through a specially designed automatic algorithm but monitored continuously by a human expert. Anywhere during the trading time, you can interact with the broker and proceed with dual support.


Extra service, with no additional charges.

Try This Different Form Of Trading Platform

How do you start the process of market trading? You may carry out some homework by reading about the options, the decisions, the assets, the risk factor and profit achievable. Then you will decide the market where you will be trading and the assets. You may stick to currency trading alone or commodity trading, invest in stocks or bonds or an equity fund. Some of you might opt for the unconventional paths by trading on exotic options or digital money like Bitcoin.


How do you plan to make the first move: independently, through a retail broker or with the help of a friend or family? Whichever be the plan, the strategies differ in each and so does the approach. If your decision is to foray into the market independently, then there is a high probability that you will be using an online trading algorithm. Now, the success factor here depends on the right selection of the robot. For this, you may carry out a thorough research, visit different trading blogs, websites, and reviews and even try out the demo accounts.


A comprehensive trading site


For all these steps, you might have wandered from site to site, book to book, clicking every related link and gathering as many tricks as you can to maximize your profit and minimize your risk. Then why not get all these facilities in a single place. We bring you the first of its kind, comprehensive site which covers anything related to market trading. The information we publish cover:

  • Background, data, trends, and features of all the major markets around the world.
  • Risks and profits of each asset with their popularity.
  • Reviews, history, performance chart and analysis of all the popular trading robots.
  • Contacts and profile of established retail brokers.
  • Current giants in the trading world, your likely competitors, and upcoming winners.
  • Trading concepts, terms, highlights and training materials.
  • New introductions, new rules, and modifications and legal status pertaining to market.
  • Interactive discussions, query and feedback communities.
  • Success tips from established newsmakers in the trading profession.



Apart from these key highlights, we also introduce a revolutionary feature on our website. The fast forward scan and trim facility. We know how precious your time is. A microsecond can take away a deal from you. You may already know about a software but stuck in completing the review. No need to thoroughly read the full review line by line, this new feature will highlight the key points and trim it just as per your requirement.

How Does The Brain Of Your Binary Trading Robot Work

How simple is to trade in the market when you have so many automatic trading algorithms in the world of the internet. No need to go in search of a trustworthy human broker and no need to spend sleepless nights reading about the tips and tricks to earn big in the business. The robot does everything for you and your account clings with money. Have you thought about the acting points of these robots, very much like the nerve ends in a human brain?

They are designed by humans to automatically function, but understanding the working and concept of these indicators will make it easier for you to bank in on the best techniques while trading. These are the various indicators based on which the robot decides the course of the trade.


The indicators of binary trading robot in brief


The trading signals generated by a robot are not based on any random market movements, but in response to well-organized and designed indicators which take the data from the past and the present data, interpret them and predict the future which will give maximum profit to the trader. The following are the most widely used indicators by trading robots:


Relative Strength Index: Also called RSI, very similar to any measuring device, this index

moves from one value to another on the scale of 0 to 100 as a representation of the market condition. If the value goes below 30, there is a higher possibility of the asset prices to go up and making a ‘call’ signal is considered to be the smart decision. If the scale goes above 70, the prices have reached the maximum and are likely to fall, so it is time for a ‘put’ option.

Williams Index: Here also, the values range on the scale between 0 and 100, but there is s slight difference in the extreme values. When the oscillator reaches above 80, overbought conditions persist and it is time for a ‘Put’ signal. When the scale goes below 20, a soar in the prices are expected, and the option is ‘call’.

Trend Indicator: When the current prices in the market are in an increasing pattern, a ‘call’ signal is given out and when the prices follow a downward trend, ‘put’ option is the signal.

Commodity Channel Index or CCI: This is also an oscillating scale, but the extremes range between -100 and +100. When the prices are going higher along the trend, a ‘call’ signal is generated, where the values are above +100. When there is a downfall in the prices, which is when the scale reaches beyond -100, a ‘put’ signal is generated by the robot.


The indicators relied upon by popular robots are not limited to these and you can refer full post in the next article for other brain methods.





children’s books about making things

I have been hoping to find a copy of Extra Yarn for quite some time now, and just happened to stumble across it at our library last week.

To perform trades, you can see a broker, he is a person who have license to trade stocks through exchange. He can make trades on floor or electronically using phone or other means. In stock exchange people can buy and sell stocks in simple terms it is like warehouse and even people can make investment on assets.

It was every bit as delightful as I hoped it would be.

Do you knit? I don’t, but wish that I did. Either way, knitter or non-knitter, you will love this book about a little girl with a very special box of yarn. (There’s a ton of yarn-bombing going on in this book–and I can’t get enough of it.)

My acquisition of Extra Yarn coincided with some other great books about creating things with one’s hands. I thought I’d share them here for you.

My grandparents always lived far away from my and now my children’s grandparents live far from them, so this one made me tear up a bit as I read it. Yoko begins her life living in Japan near her grandparents who teach her how to make paper cranes.

Later, she moves to America and makes paper cranes to send back to her grandparents in Japan. The illustrations are beautiful and there are instructions on how to make a paper crane. We did not try it, but maybe one day we will.

The story of New York basket makers, Basket Moon, is a beautifully written story about a lost art and how one young boy learns to take pride in himself, his people, and his craft.

Too Many Tamales takes place on Christmas Eve–so it’s a good one to check during the holiday season, too. Maria thinks she accidently loses her mother’s diamond ring in the tamale dough and then she and her cousins try to find it. She ends up going to her mother and telling her the truth about what happened. She then happily discovers her mother’s ring on her hand. More tamale making follows and everyone has a good laugh.Also, at the end, you will be really hungry for tamales. And really sad that you can’t make them for yourself. (Or maybe that’s just me. You probably CAN make them for yourself.)

Do you have a favorite “making” book? Have you or your kids been making anything lately? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Independence Day books (and songs) for kids!

The 4th of July has always involved fireworks, watermelon, American flags, and patriotic songs for me. My dad used to always blast a collection of patriotic tunes through the house on July 4th, so I grew up loving these songs.

These days online trading has become popular as it is easy and can be done by both novices and experienced traders using binary robots, brokers and software that is designed in a way that it is completely automated and after turning on this automated mode trades will be performed automatically until you turn off the auto-pilot mode.

I’ve shared these patriotic songbooks before, but I thought I would mention them again because we love them so much. They are all illustrated by Todd Ouren. We were able to find all of them at our library.

I like these books because they are beautifully illustrated and are familiar songs to me. We like to sit together and just sing them as we turn the pages. I find that the illustrations engage Juliet in a way that me singing the song on my own just can’t.

America: My Country 'Tis of Thee (Patriotic Songs)

America: My Country ‘Tis of Thee

When Johnny Comes Marching Home: A Song About a Soldier's Return (Patriotic Songs)

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

America the Beautiful: A Song to Celebrate the Wonders of America (Patriotic Songs)

America the Beautiful

Yankee Doodle (Patriotic Songs)

Yankee Doodle

You're a Grand Old Flag: A Jubilant Song About Old Glory (Patriotic Songs)

You’re a Grand Old Flag

The Star Spangled Banner (Patriotic Songs)

The Star Spangled Banner

Juliet and I are going to try our hand at some Independence Day crafts over the next few days, so hopefully, we’ll have something fun to share with you next week. At the very least, we will have a craft fail to share, but I’m hoping for some good results!

Do you have any favorite Independence Day books to share?


our favorite library books of the week

APRIL 30, 2010


This week’s Feed Me Books Friday theme is songbooks–which you know are one of my favorite kinds of books. However, I don’t think I can say any more than I already have in my post about 100 songs to sing with your child!

There are seriously a ton of songbooks listed in that post and they are divided into various categories such as nursery rhymes, folk songs, religious songs, etc.

So, instead of repeating what I’ve already suggested, I thought I would share a few books that we’ve enjoyed this week.

Doctor Meow's Big Emergency (Whoops-a-Daisy World)
Dr. Meow’s Big Emergency

This book was the most requested read this week. Dr. Cat is busy tending her patients at the hospital when she gets a call that Tomcat has broken his arm. She rushes to help him. The story tells of Tomcat’s recovery and his decision to “never do anything silly again.” (Which is what got him into the broken arm situation in the first place!) If your child likes stories about doctors, then I think he or she will love this one.

Mrs. Goose's Baby
Mrs. Goose’s Baby
This is the funny story of a goose who raises a baby chicken. Only she doesn’t know he’s a chicken. But EVERYONE else does. Ben read this with Juliet first, so by the time I got around to reading it, I was startled at the end when Juliet yelled out the words on the last page, “MRS. GOOSE’S BABY WAS A CHICKEN!!”  and then laughed delightedly. This is a fun one. Great for younger children, too.

Millions of Cats (Gift Edition) (Picture Puffin Books)
Millions of Cats
Okay, so this one is a little weird, but we like it. An old man goes to a hill of millions of cats to pick one out to be his pet. He can’t decide because they are all so beautiful, so he brings them all home. His wife doesn’t know what they will do with millions of cats and eventually, the little furballs get hungry. So then they EAT each other up! (Yes, you read that right. Remember I told you this one was a little weird?) But one little cat doesn’t get eaten and he becomes the old couple’s pet. Like I said, sounds weird, but try it. You might like it. We did.

So what are you reading?

Seven is magic

The problem with being a book-hoarder is that you never quite know exactly what you have on your shelves.

Bitcoins are virtual money that are designed in 2009 which have the self-contained value of money they need not to be stored in bank. They can be store online (internet, cloud) which is meant to be hot storage and it is not 100% safe to store them online as they may lead to loss or theft may happen so it is better to store them offline using pen drive, hard disk, CD and memory card this type of storage is called cold storage.

Once a person owns the bitcoin they act as gold coins. You can use bitcoins for purchasing goods and some services online or you can store them in hope that the value increases over years. These coins are forgery resistant as they are created by signals of computer which are unique and they cannot be manipulated. The value of bitcoin changes every day and to know value you can visit various sites for example coin desk. The person who is making investments or buying bitcoins are called miners. The process of tracking transactions, verifying and adding them to public ledger is called bitcoin mining. This data ledger is called block chain. This block chain is unique to each user and to their bitcoin wallet. People cannot find other person’s identity easily but can see the history of bitcoin wallet.

There are no ongoing bank fees to use bitcoin as there are no banks involved but small amount of fee will be charged to pay them to network supporters.

I have no idea when I picked up this elementary reader Seven Is Magic, but I’ve been waiting to use it for school for Juliet. She’s seven now, so what better time than this year? 🙂

It’s actually probably a little bit below her reading level, but I think she’ll still have fun with it.

I picked it up for the illustrations. Hopefully, the stories and poems are as good as the pictures.
Every so often, I run across these at goodwill. I used to love reading ahead in my reading/literature book at school whenever I was done with my work early. Just flip through to the back (to the part that we would never get to in class!) and just read away.
*** discolsure: amazon links are affiliate links. thanks for using them!***

We choose virtues review

Back in November, I received a set of the We Choose Virtues parenting cards for review. At the time, we were living in a friend’s basement (eek!) and unsure as to when we would be in a home of our own.

Trading is a stream which allows people to invest on particular company or asset to gain profits when the value of the particular company rises. There are two types of trades one is on floor trade and other is online or electronical trading. People need to do lot of research to gain profits while performing trades.

It was a stressful few months, followed by moving into a different house, unpacking, hosting my entire family for Christmas, and then planning a Colonial birthday party for Juliet.

School has resume now, and we are back to “normal” life–whatever that means.

This normalcy has allowed me to have the space and time to use the parenting cards, and we are now on fourth week and I am loving it.

The thing that is so great about them is that they give me something tangible to focus on (the card) and a way to present the information visually to  my kids. Yes, I have tried to teach them to be gentle, but now that they have a reminder hanging on the door, they are more cognizant of it.

They read it aloud from time to time (without me prompting them) and they bring it up from time to time. It also has come in handy as a gentle reminder–as in, “Are you being gentle now?” when they are  engaged in a tug-of-war/screaming match over a rapunzel wedding dress/ elsa dress/purple lego car, etc.

It also, reminds ME to be gentle (or kind, or attentive, or whatever) because even though these lessons are for kids, they are definitely ones that I need reminding of for myself as well.

Each card also has a little story about the character represented on the card. The kids love hearing the story about the kid on the card and how they learn to exhibit the featured trait. Kettle Gretel was a big hit over here as my two girly girls really liked the tea kettle reference. Did someone say tea party?
I suppose there are a million different ways to use these cards whether you homeschool or not and whether you are religious or not–there are two different sets available: one with corresponding bible verses and one without. So really, these work for anyone looking to teach their kids to be kind, honest, gentle, attentive, self-controlled, obedient, etc.
The way we have been using them is to choose one per week and focus on that trait for the week. We talk about it, read the card, and try to remind ourselves throughout the day to be gentle or kind or whatever the trait of the week is.
It requires no preparation on my part–the best part–and is very engaging for young children. I like that it gets us to try to do these things instead of waiting until the kids are NOT being kind or honest and getting in trouble for it. It’s a more pro-active approach, I think.
There are so many resources on the We Choose Virtues site and Heather also has some great pinterest boards to follow.
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Book scanner app

This past year, Juliet has taken off reading on her own. I’m not too concerned about grade level right now–as she just seeks out and finds library books that she finds interesting and reads them. I trust her to pick out ones that are not to easy–not too hard–the old “goldilock” books, if you will.Virtual money has gained lot of popularity in recent years this money is used to make large transactions without involvement of banks and government. These moneys are called cryptocurrency in other terms known as digital currency. Main thing people need to remember about cryptocurrency is that government have no control over the making of these currencies. The first cryptocurrency that was introduced in 2009 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto was bitcoin and later many digital currencies were introduced and they were named as altcoins or alternative coins. Some example of altcoins is lite coin, peer coin, feather coin and Ethereum and many hundred other currencies are introduced.

The main advantage to bitcoin users is that they can store this offline (hard disk, pen drive and memory card) which is called cold storage. And this can be also stored online (internet) which is called as hot storage. Storing these currencies offline is safe as they cannot be stolen by others.

Bitcoins are virtual which are designed to be self-contained of the value and they do not need any banks to move or store the money.

However, last year, and in the beginning of this one, I was befuddled as to how to determine grade level. I just couldn’t figure out if they were too hard or too easy. She wasn’t as confident in picking out books, yet, so we were always somewhat stumped at the library. (for her “read-on-her-own” books)
Just recently, I stumbled upon a great app to help me called “bookscanner”. It’s for the iPhone, but there is something similar for android as well.
Basically, you just scan the barcode on the book and a screen like this will pop up with all the information you need.
I think this one cost  99 cents, but it was worth it to me.
You’ve probably already heard of this, but it was new to me, so I thought I’d share!
By the way, 12 Kinds of Ice, (the book pictured above) is absolutely fantastic. We read it together twice before giving it back to the library. It’s the perfect snowy, winter read.

Charlie Harper jackpot


Found this gem at the goodwill recently. We have quite  a few animal books already, but I bought this for the illustrations.

It’s simply fantastic.Starting from the cover, which depicts diverse animals and birds in what seems to be handpainted illustration, the book has knowledge on each page. By looking at the cover, one will say that it is especially for kids. But I find it equally informative for we adults too.

The book mentions the division in animal kingdom without creating any kind of confusion. The explanation of classification itself shows how simple science can be if we understand the basic concepts. The classification chart has left an imprint in my mind and I am sure that my kid will also keep that picture in mind for a long time in his academic life.

The descriptions of animals follow up the pyramid, starting from the simplest animal to the top order in the food chain. in this way, it becomes easy for the kid to relate to evolution and how structural and functional organization go up the ladder. For example, it is difficult to remember the organisms with three-chambered heart and four-chambered heart and where the exact transition takes place. Whereas, if we go up the hierarchy, we can understand the increase in complexity from reptiles to mammals.


Each animal is explained with schematic and colorful diagrams which do not stand out because of their complex drawing, but because of the way the features are highlighted to have a longlasting place in the reader’s memory.

Take an exercise, for example. It shows the picture of a coniferous tree with some of the branches occupied by the images of some animals, whereas empty circles are left in other branches. The completion of this question creates curiosity and information in the mind of the kids. They become capable of answering any type of question which can arise from this classification and differential arrangement of the animals.


There are references given at the end of each chapter, which is particularly useful for the teachers who would like to confirm the authenticity of the science in the book. If you want details of the contents and chapters of this book, you can discover more here in the link

The Animal Kingdom: An Introduction To The Major Groups of Animals
Now that I’ve found this one, I’m on the hunt for this: The Giant Golden Book of Biology:  An Introduction to the Science of Life
Who knows? maybe I’ll get lucky! 🙂