Stock Markets Terms That Are Important

Stock Markets Terms That Are Important

Every industry has a set of jargons used often by experts to communicate within the peer groups, in the securities market, the communication is short and trading terms are used. Amateurs who are new to the financial markets could find it overwhelming to respond to jargons used due to the paucity of timing that is extremely important for stock market live trading sessions. Using terms like charts, patterns spread, and indices could be challenging, learning important terms that are often used will give a good perspective of the stock market in general.

Accelerating the learning process is important for understanding the trading challenges and pick the important terms that are ultimately aimed to generate profit from the selling of the stocks or shares of a company at a higher price, and purchasing them at a lesser price.

Basic Key Terms

  • the exchange that facilitates a set of stocks of a company, equity in terms of every single share or piece of a company, bought and sold at a common medium of exchange with other traders in a global forum is referred as stock markets
  • the annual report of a company is extremely important to know how the financial health of the company is before one has picked up the nuances of skilled trading, the cash flow, the performances, and the financial ratios help in understanding the company
  • buying and selling of the same stocks in different markets, exchanges at different pricing will give the advantage to the trader to sell the stock at a higher price after buying them at a lower price the, difference being the profit on arbitrage
  • the usual practice of buying more shares when the pricing is down and decreasing the average purchase price is a strategy that traders use in a general market scenario, it is better to keep the holding for the pricing to rebound in a bullish market, thus averaging the cost down on the stock
  • when markets are reflecting a downward trend or a brief period of falling prices of stocks, the market is said to be bearish, when the prices are showing an increasing trend they are said to be bullish
  • the measurement of a stock against the physical price value is measured in terms of Beta, the movement of price from 100 to 150 will directly reflect the stock to move by similar value, measured in terms of



9 Short Facts About Bitcoin


The trading business has seen a huge rise ever since the introduction of Bitcoin.

What makes Bitcoin trading popular?

Bitcoin trading has become an ideal investment mainly because of its

  1. High volatility
  2. Unpredictable price movements
  3. Huge trading volumes per trading day

Facts about Bitcoin

  1. While the traditional currency is made from paper, copper, bronze, and gold, Bitcoins are principally a cluster of highly encrypted data.
  2. Bitcoin has become a part of the trading world and more specifically an important fraction of the fast emerging cryptocurrency market. Hence, it is not wise to waste your time pondering over news such as Crypto Code scam and similar others.
  3. Bitcoin transactions abandon all banks and other governmental intermediaries that claim to act as the mediator for all your monetary transactions involving cash and other finances. Rather, cryptocurrencies facilitate the direct exchange of money between the concerned individuals by making use of a highly secure technology called the Blockchain technology.
  4. Initially, the first cryptocurrency that made use of the Blockchain technology was none other than Bitcoin itself. This process emerged out to be successful and later resulted in the development of a new cryptocurrency under the title Bitcoin Cash and many others including Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, all which had contributed to an improvement of the Blockchain technology in terms of costs, speed, and energy requirements.
  5. Fundamentally, the Blockchain forms a ledger of transactions that are maintained securely in its network and the processing of the digital currencies happens with the help of complex mathematical algorithms known as mining of cryptocurrencies.
  6. Therefore, the Blockchain network performs one important function, which is to record every monetary transaction using a highly secure and fast process. However, one drawback of using the Blockchain network to carry out transactions is that every transaction is chargeable.
  7. The present value of the overall cryptocurrency market is expected to have crossed the $700 billion mark and analysts expect this figure could further increase by the start of 2019. This is one of the main reasons that make Bitcoin trading an appealing proposition in 2018. Out of the entire cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin is the only one that makes up for more than half of its share.
  8. However, the huge net worth associated with Bitcoins is concentrated in the hands of only a few persons because Bitcoins are purchased in small fractions. Therefore, this provides a great opportunity for everyone to dabble.
  9. Investors of Bitcoins consider that Bitcoin trading marks the dawn of a new, better, and free world.


The Most Popular Alternatives For A Conventional Savings Account

The Most Popular Alternatives For A Conventional Savings Account

When you deposit money in a place expecting the money to grow during a particular duration then it is called investment. Savings accounts do come with small interest rates but these are often not considered as investments. People have savings accounts because they are simple and straightforward and they make transactions simpler. Talk about simplicity for those looking to make trading simpler there are trading bots. People look for simplicity when it comes to saving and investing money so that they could save time. Are there other similar simple options where you can park your funds other than the savings accounts? Yes, there are several alternatives. Savings accounts and even the high yield savings account all come with very small interest rates. So here are a few other options that come with a relatively higher rate of returns-

  1. High yield money market accounts

Money market accounts are known to be the closest alternatives to a savings account as they also offer a liquidity that is somewhat similar. With the FDIC insurance, they come with when you choose a money market account you would be getting higher interest rates.

  1. High yield bonds

Bonds are considered safe investments. There are even many that come with a short tenure. The high yield bonds are riskier than the other options but the returns from them are high even with a small investment.

  1. CDs for long-term

For those looking for security Certificate of deposits are perfect. If you choose a long-term CD then larger returns are guaranteed. This is a perfect option for those with funds that are not required in the near future. In a savings accounts these can be held for a really long duration without much growth but in CDs, they would come back with a good interest added.

  1. Stocks with dividends

Dividend stocks take into account not the price of the stock but the number of stocks that an individual owns. Dividend yields are some of the best profits to add to your portfolio even as a new investor.

The above options might not offer the same amount of liquidity or the same security that savings account offer. The convenience of accessing the funds might also not be the same. But if you have extra funds that could be put to better use than lying idle in a savings account then the above choices could be considered.

A Basic Insight to the Forex Trade

A Basic Insight to the Forex Trade

Foreign exchange market is the most liquid market in the world with an average trading volume exceeding USD 4 trillion. This is one of the largest domains of the financial market traded by millions of people. The foreign exchange trade commonly called the Forex, FX or currency trading is concerned with currency exchanges. Forex is traded in the same way as securities/stocks in a stock exchange.

A Forex transaction is not necessarily be carried out only by the traders. One would eventually end up making a Forex transaction when traveling abroad. For instance, if you make a trip to the USA from your hometown, assume India, you would need to hold acceptable currency in the USA i.e. dollars to make a transaction. In such scenario, you land in shops offering currency exchanges to convert your Indian rupees to dollars based on an exchange rate called the foreign exchange rate which is determined according to the demand and supply of the economy. This rate determines how many US dollars you get in exchange for the Indian currency. The exchange rates are oscillatory.

A Forex trader makes money out of the difference in exchange value. Just like the stock market, the Forex market is also volatile with fluctuating price movements. However, few currencies move less than a percent in a day or two thereby the change in the total value of the currency is very low or nil. Hence, the market volatility is relatively low when compared to other markets, especially, the stock market. Additionally, as there are millions of buyers and sellers’, trading in this market is quite easy. The demand for the Forex market is eternal as people need currency for basic living and to make a transaction. It is because of the demand and volatility factor, this market is considered to be the most exciting and a fast-paced market around the world.

Getting into Forex trade is easy. All that is required for a successful trader is constant monitoring of price fluctuations and the basic knowledge of trading. With the advancement in technology, we now have trading robots, online brokers who are highly experienced and skilled in this field to guide traders/investors in executing trade effectively. The trading robots are considered to be an asset for all traders especially the beginners as they are the powerhouse of information about the trading and would guide the traders in making the right move to earn an enormous profit. The features of trading robots are comprehensive. Click here to know more about the Forex trading robots and its achievements.



Add Some Cash

Add Some Cash

One of the secured ways to have some additional money is through personal loans. The personal loan borrowed can be put to good use for repaying the huge debt that has high-interest rates like debt on credit card. You can clear this debt by trading and gaining profits. You can enhance your financial condition is buy getting a personal loan that has a rate of interest of 7% to 10% and using it to pay your credit card debt that has an interest rate of 19% to 26%. A personal loan will not come at a very low-interest-rate like loans that are collateral such as home equity loans and mortgage loans. But it can serve as a good loan type to choose if you do not want to take a loan that is collateral one or if you don’t have an option to choose.

Locally Owned Banks or Credit Unions

Since the arrival of the Internet, getting a source to borrow loans has increased and gone beyond taking loans from local banks and credit unions. Best idea would be to choose banks that are locally available or credit union where you do banking transactions most commonly because they will have the lowest rate of interest for the personal loan. Going to the local banks and having a meet with the loan officer one on one will help in discussing the loan and you will be reviewing the complete finance related topics for a long time. Following which the officer will be able to give you suggestion about a better alternative which might be a less expensive way to get extra money like a line of credit. And suppose the loan officer turns out to be someone whom you know personally they will be able to offer you help in knowing the right path of approval.

If the customer makes a deal with the local financial organization they will help get the customers the cash they need in a short time period. Sometimes there is a possibility that you might just go to the bank to apply for a personal loan and come out with the money you have borrowed. If we compare the terms offered by online banker and the local banks, the local banks will have the terms for a loan that is quite flexible, banks like peer-to-peer lenders. However, as simple as it might sound to get a loan from traditional banks, one downside they have is that the standards for creditworthiness is very high which is difficult to meet and generally it is required to have a minimum of 700 as a credit score.

Facts That Make You Serious About Trading Margins In A Cash Market Segment

The Bitcoin Loophole trading margins can be categorized into three main types with respect to a cash market segment and include

  1. The VaR or Value at Risk margin: This is considered as the heart of the margining system which is exclusive for cash market segment.


  • VaR margin is involved in collecting information on an upfront basis like how likely the volatility factor is likely to move over next one day.
  • It is an effective technique used to predict the value loss probability of an asset or its group based on some statistical measures of historical price trends and movements.
  • Further, this sector has three basic components like time, a level of confidence and a loss percentage upon which the value of an asset or portfolio is calculated.
  • When relating to a stock exchange scenario, a VaR margin is something which is intended to cover the largest percentage of loss which the investor must face for his purchases or selling shares occurring within a day.
  • Additionally, a VaR is tallied using EWMA or Exponentially Weighted Moving Average methodology. For this the companies holding the shares should be further divided into three like how periodically their shares get a trade, how is the liquidity maintained and how an impact cost varies according to an asset.


  1. The Extreme loss margins: This includes all the losses accounting outside the coverage of VaR margins.


  • For any stock, the Extreme loss margin is always 1.75 times higher than the standard deviation of daily stock price returns or can be also calculated as 5 percentage of the position over a certain period.
  • Always this margin rate is fixed at the starting of each month which involves the price data analyzing on a rolling basis for the past specified time say for six months or so.


  1. And finally, the Mark to market margin:


  • MTM calculations occur at the end of a day on all open positions by readily comparing the transaction price with that of the closing price of the share for that day. If any kind of MTM loss occurs, then it is meant to be paid by the coming day.
  • If by chance, on a given day, the quantity amounted to buying and selling a shares falls to be same, then the quantity position is regarded as zero but still, there could be chances of a notional loss or gain which is also accountable as MTM payable.



This fantastic crypto robot has taken the market by storm

I never care to review:

I keep trying out a lot of trading software and investing avenues and I have never really thought of writing any reviews so far in my five years of intense experience. However this is an exception. This crypto robot called the Bitcoin Code has impressed me so much with its integrity and easy to use interface that I want the whole world to know what this wonderful little bot can do. This is a full review and it is completely based on my experiences. None of the inferences are borrowed or inspired from any other trader.

Why I keep experimenting with various trading software?

I have a penchant for trying out various trading software to be able to derive from experience which one is the right one for me. I do not like to depend on others for my inferences. However, I do read the reviews both positive and the negative ones but I do not let the opinion affect me. The only validation that I have regarding trading software is only after I use it and jot down my experiences.

Another reason I keep trying out different software is because I do not like to put all the eggs into one basket. If per chance I have hit upon a scam, all my money goes along with it. If the investment is broken down into bite size pieces and invested separately into different software, it helps to minimize the risks.

Why you must believe my review:

I do not earn from my reviews and I do not pen any reviews unless and until the review is positive and I am impressed with it completely. In case you find any discrepancy between my review and the real software you must infer that it is a one off thing. This particular crypto robot called Bitcoin Code is just so good that in case you ever have to fall back on something, it has to be this and I can give you that in writing!

This program has left me zapped:

I under expected from this software. The reality is that this inconspicuous software is so good at its work that it is hardly making any noise. It silently does its own work. That may also be the reason that you have not heard about it yet. But now that I have told you, please Google it up and log on to its website. It is one of the best trading software that I have come across in my career as a trader. Opportunities don’t come knocking often, so make use of it now!

Writing A Review Is No Easy Job When The Readers Are Banking On You

Before I spend my money on any product, I make it sure to go through a couple of reviews on the same published on different sites. Some reviews seem to be promotional upfront as if a representative of the manufacturer had written it. Whereas, some appear to be from regular customers like me as they explain the specific feature and why or why not it did or did not suit them. I vote them as trustworthy because I can easily correlate the review to the user’s experience.

This is a consumer product, where you are paying for a service or a product. What about a business where you are spending money to earn money, through a medium? The rate at which you are able to turn your expenditure into profit solely depends on the medium you rely on. If it is a scam, you end up serving the scam creators. A perfect example is the online trading robot. All the currencies of the world and numerous precious assets are being pitched against each other and you are being exposed to such a wide world within the small screen of your system.


A real review counts on many factors


If we give a search for reviews on a particular trading robot, the result will be a mix up of positive and negative opinions. A comprehensive review definitely mentions the background check of the creator. The reliable reviews take the effort to check all of the social networking profiles and professional profiles of the creator and analyze how true the descriptions are.

Most robots will have a promotional or demo video on their official website and the reviews critically scan the claims displayed in the video.

The next in the list is the set of returns offered to the traders. Anyone with a little bit of experience in the market will be able to make out how realistic these percentages are. That is, a 100 percent payout is never possible in the highly unpredictable trading market.

Sincere reviews take the time out to compare the deposits required to start your trading profile with the robot and also the flexibility in the withdrawal of funds.

If you continue reading the review, you can find that every single asset offered by the robot and the indicators are also given credit in it.

The reviewers seem to try the demo trade accounts on the trading site and this shows their commitment to the same, and we recognize their commitment.

Here Comes The Trading Police At Your Service

Have you been cheated by any trading broker? Have you lost money by improper means while trying to trade through an online robot? I have recently seen an aspiring trader complaining about money getting deducted from his account when he had just tried a demo account.

The trading software claims to give free demo accounts all over before becoming their client. However, the fact is that either the trader is forced to register before starting a demo account or on the completion of the demo trade, he is compelled to trade all over again. This is similar to the marketing strategy of companies that force the client to repeat one or more deals in order to claim the offered discount in the first deal.

These frauds are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many reported cases where the software offers very high returns but blocks a part of the returns by giving one excuse or the other. The traders have no other option but to continue trading and let give off the blocked amount. It is online and it is software, what else can you do as a customer. There are customer services and complaint cells, but the follow-ups become so tiresome that you will get fed up soon and leave the issue.

We are taking charge of this cybercrime

A combined effort of experienced traders, cyber and legal experts, our company has the motto of bringing into the limelight the fraudulence in the business of market trading which will not only drain the traders of their money but also tarnish the good image of the industry.

Once you have decided to start trading with a robot, the first thing you have to do is to go through the review of the software in our website, where expert compiles their opinion about all popular and lesser-known trading platforms like Qprofit system. You can also go through the names of blacklisted robots and those with doubtful claims.

If you have any complaints or suggestions, pass the message to us with your email id and the robot details. You are completely freed of the legal proceedings associated with the truthfulness of the complaint and subsequent actions.

Protect your ID and your identity, and we will protect your money and business. In return, you are just helping us to bring out the real scams and help your fellow traders in the process.

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