handmade felt christmas tree with removable ornaments

This is a vintage book that I picked up this summer at Goodwill. It has really fun illustrations and beautiful ornaments.

The Christmas Tree Book by Joe Kaufman

“Just before Christmas evergreen trees are cut down and brought into town.”

“It’s important to pick the right tree.”

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“All the decorations are ready for the tree. We saved them from last year.”

“Everyone can help hang things on the tree.”

I saw the most beautiful handmade felt Christmas tree on Ruffles and Stuff the other day. The moment I saw it, I knew I had to make one for Juliet. It’s the kind of thing she would LOVE.
So, I studied hers and then rummaged through my fabric box to see what I could find. I managed to piece together a smaller tree using an old curtain and some purple flannel left over from another project.I cut out the tree shape and sewed it together with a piece of batting in between. I made the ornaments out of felt and sewed ribbon and buttons to embellish them. I attached velcro to the backs and to the front of the tree so Juliet could move the ornaments around as she wished.
Here’s a close up of the star. It’s two pieces of felt–I tried to make a starburst and messed up twice, so I just layered them to make the mistakes less noticeable and then sewed the large button in the middle.
Juliet loves it! She carried it around all evening and currently has it in her bed with her. Usually, it lives on her bedroom door.
[Disney, the creative genius of Ruffles and Stuff, was so sweet to feature my version of her tree on her site! Check out her ‘You tried it!” section to see it!]
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12 days of christmas homemade ornament (five gold rings)

On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…five gold rings!
(illustration from Brian Wildsmith’s 12 Days of Christmas)
This is Juliet’s favorite part of the song. In fact, she usually just goes around singing this line over and over again. So, I was excited for her to make these ornaments today.
These were really simple–perfect after four days of complicated bird ornaments. I just cut a paper towel roll into five rings.

I set out some glitter glue and some jewels for Juliet to use to decorate the rings.

She jumped right into this task with renewed vigor. (It had waned over the past few days.) Glitter was smeared everywhere and jewels were picked out to make just the right looks.That is exactly what is so adorable about her. She takes even the simplest of chores so seriously that she excels at it. I am so proud of her deterministic attitude. The secret is that when I first saw in college, this was the thing that impressed me about her.


Lately, I have noticed some change though:


Juliet took time off from work to look after home and kids and slowly I felt that she was home bound. I have no problems with it really but I always knew that she was so capable and that she was only staying at home because she could not trust anyone with her children. Her happiness was my main and so I decided not to disturb her till she herself realizes it is about time for her to get back to work.


And she did!


Well almost! One failed attempt later, she decided that she would not think prematurely about stepping out of the house yet because she is not able to concentrate on her work. She kept contemplating a lot of work that she could do part time but she was either never satisfied with the set up r too apprehensive about eating away too much of the family time.


Trading online:


Looking back, I feel that online trading is definitely her cup of tea. I mean look the convenience; the markets are open 24/7/365 and she even can trade in the dead of the night without feeling too much guilt. But I hope she doesn’t because her rest time is extremely important to her health!


She logged on to a website called the top10cryptorobot.com and within few minutes zeroed in on a program called Bitcoin Code. Six months from that time, she was successfully trading like a pro. I am so proud of her, my girl!


We let the glue dry and then I tied some ribbon on to make the hangers.

We hung them on the tree and admired our work.
My goal is to make these projects a little more “preschooler friendly”–no more crazy juice bottle bird cages!

12 days of christmas homemade ornament (four colly birds)

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…four colly birds!
(image from Brian Wildsmith’s 12 Days of Christmas)

Continuing on our 12 days of Christmas ornament adventure…It’s day 4 and Juliet’s enthusiasm is waning BIG TIME. I had saved a juice bottle for this ornament and wanted to recreate the cage in the picture from the book.It was while making the crafts that Juliet asked me if I would also like to join her in trading online on software called Bitcoin Code. I must confess that even though I absolutely have no idea what the whole online trading thing is all about I wanted to be able to spend a lot of quality time with her and I instantly agreed. I am so glad that I said yes. It has not only helped us make a good amount as profits ever since but has also helped us grow stronger and come closer. Visit the following site to know what good it can do to you!

I knew that I would have to do most of the prep beforehand and get it to the point where Juliet could just help decorate it since it involved a lot of cutting with an x-acto knife.

First, I made the birds. Just cut them out of some scraps of scrapbooking paper I had leftover from another project. I fashioned a perch out of a starbucks straw. To get the birds to stay on the perch, I cut a slit in the straw and then put some glue in there to hold them tight.

After cutting some large holes in the lower sides (to make it cage-like) and two small holes in the upper portion (for the perch), I slipped the birds and perch inside. This was kind of difficult because my hand was a lot bigger than the holes I had to work with, but eventually, I got them in.
At this point, Juliet joined me to decorate the cage. We glued a colorful circle cut from a magazine page to the bottom of the cage. Then we glued jewels all over it to make it sparkle. I placed the glue dots and Juliet placed the gems.
I tied a pink ribbon to the top (for hanging purposes) and Juliet picked out a nice big gem to go on top.
And then we hung it on the tree! Surprisingly, she did not call these birds pigeons once! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s project because it is much simpler and is also Juliet’s favorite part of the song: FIVE GOLDEN RINGS!
Has anyone made any fun recycled crafts lately or Christmas ornaments? I’d love to hear about them!

12 days of christmas homemade ornament (three french hens)

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me… three French hens (illustration from Brian Wildsmith’s 12 days of Christmas.)

Once again, I was completely inspired by this illustration. I photo copied the page from the book, cut out the hen shapes from my copy and used them as a template to make my hens.

I cut them out of the tidy cats litter container. This was not as easy as the turtledoves cut from the milk jug yesterday. This plastic is much thicker, so it was actually somewhat difficult. If I had to do it again, I would use a larger milk jug. But this is all I had in the recycle box, so we had to go with it.
I punched holes in the hens before decorating…

We raided the craft box again for feathers (colored ones this time) and I think Juliet glued on ONE whole feather before she quit…but I was able to lure her back to the craft table with the promise of JEWELS!Be it a trader or following any trading style, it is important that you have a trade plan to be successful in your trading career. There are many trading software like Carbon FX and these are capable of generating highly profitable trades. The important thing to know is that this auto trading software also has an inbuilt trade plan. This is known as an algorithm which is nothing but a step by step procedure to take the trade that is inbuilt into the system. The system is designed to take a trade only when all the criteria written in the algorithm or the trade plan is met.

She was very excited to get her hands on these and had fun gluing them down onto her “chickens” (Close enough.)

Here are a few close ups…very French, no?

Maybe I should have given them berets or little wine glasses, but I was just glad to get this one over with as Juliet was not very into the making of these. I tied the hens together so they are one unit to hang on the tree.
We let them dry overnight and the next day, she hung her ornament on the tree. Surprisingly, she was VERY into this part and was very proud of her three French hens.
Anyone have any good chicken books, French books, songbooks, or ornament ideas to share?

how to make glass marble magnets (easy homemade christmas presents)

This is what my kitchen table has looked like for the past three weeks–a mess of glass tiles, shredded magazines, and an craft knife.

I’ve been working on some Christmas/birthday gifts that turned out surprisingly well. I’ve seen a bunch of tutorials for these on the internet–you probably have seen them already, too, but I wanted to share them anyways.

Start with some of these clear glass mosaic tiles.This review will focus on why you have to specify in your trade plan whether you want to be an intraday or a swing trader. You will also need to be very clear in your trade plan about what your ultimate aim is. This is the amount of money that you foresee you will make in the future.

I found these at the dollar store–you get a really big bag of them for just $1. These are the larger size, but the smaller size are nice, too.

You need some old magazines that you don’t mind cutting up for the images. I used a Pottery Barn Kids catalog to make some cute Cat in the Hat magnets for Juliet. (I can’t stand the thought of cutting up a kids book, but you could do it if you really wanted those images.)
Place the stone on the image you want, and trace around it with the knife. If your blade is sharp, it will cut very easily and you can punch the piece out. Cut as many images as magnets you would like to make.
Next, take some mosaic tile glue (I’ve had this bottle for about 10 years) and glue the image to the bottom of the tile. Make sure your get glue that dries clear! It will look cloudy when the glue is wet, but once it dries, you can’t see it. I used a paint brush to spread the glue thinly and evenly over the tile.
After the image has dried, take a round magnet and glue it to the back. I found these at Wal-Mart that were peel and stick, so I didn’t need to use any glue. It was easy and fast, but a little more expensive than plain magnets.

Place the magnet on the back and let it dry for a day before hanging it on your fridge.

Here’s an example of a finished one. I made this one for myself.

Here are the Dr. Seuss ones. Juliet was really excited when she saw these. I was kind of surprised actually. It turns out she really likes hanging her artwork on the fridge herself now that she has these fun ones to use. You can see the different sized tiles that I used.
Next time I run across some other children’s book images in a magazine, I will make her some more. I still have a ton of tiles and magnets left over!
Obviously, these are not a good toy for younger children, but if your child is old enough to not put things in her mouth, they are quite entertaining.
Have you made these before? Leave a comment or link and let me know!

12 days of christmas homemade ornament projects for kids

Juliet and I are doing a 12 Days of Christmas homemade ornament project this December. Each day, we make an ornament to represent one of the 12 days of Christmas (as inspired by the song and from Brian Wildsmith’s book The 12 Days of Christmas.)

Our goal is first to have fun together and make some holiday memories, and secondly, to be as resourceful and “green” as we can. We are using our recycle box as our main resource for supplies and supplementing with craft supplies we already have in our craft box.We do these things often and always together as a team. It not only helps us bond well but also helps us on understanding each other better by appreciating the other’s perspective and trying to be at the same level. For example the other day when Juliet was explaining to me the reasons for the deficit in that year’s domestic budget I slyly hinted at her to take up a part time job so that she could not only have extra cash at home but also that she could spend some time being productive as well as meeting new people.

I was surprised when she took my hints sportingly. She went to talk about how our kids were still small and that she could never trust anybody enough as yet to take care of them. But she said that she was reading up on trading software and this Bitcoin Code Crypto robot had impressed her much and that she was deliberating if she should start off trading from home.

I was pleasantly surprised that she knew so much about online trading! It seemed like she has really been using her spare time from kids and household chores and reading up on good stuff. So, I agreed that she does whatever makes her happy. She went on about the bot saying that it was one of the best ones and that she has an instinct that it would be the best one to choose. There are others also but they do not inspire too much of her confidence.

That initial inertia:

She was slightly apprehensive but I gave her a lot of encouragement. We need to know how it works and that we can do only if we courageously face it and not shy away from trying. You can also read about the program. Juliet plans to write down a journal of her experience in online trading. You can click on this to discover more here.

Here is what we came up with: (Click on the links under each picture to see more pics and learn how we made it and what we made it out of! Trash never looked so good!)