kids thanksgiving craft: paper tube turkeys

thanksgiving birds

Okay, so I’m excited about this craft because it is the first time I’ve ever used an old craft and turned it into a new one!


Remember our fall owls? We transformed these into thanksgiving turkeys just by adding a few simple details. (Well, not these ones exactly–we made so many, I just chose two with orange beaks to make into turkeys!)

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turkey wattle
First, we glued on a red wattle…

Then we added some colorful feathers for the tail and two orange feet.

We started out using regular glue (which worked fine for the brown feathers), but I found that the colored feathers were a bit too heavy to stand up and stick with the regular glue. So, I resorted to hot glue…which worked, but also resulted in a burned thumb for me. Ouch.

However, if you are more careful than I (and less impatient), I’m sure you can handle it and not burn yourself!

I don’t like using the hot glue gun for kids crafts because then it takes away the kid part, but I had Juliet hand me the feathers in the order she wanted them in and I applied the glue and feathers, so she was still involved. Maybe you can get the regular glue to work for you!

turkey craft

We’ve got a couple of nice birds sitting out for our thanksgiving table and plenty of owls left over as well.

Ten Fat Turkeys
Ten Fat Turkeys  by Tony Johnston
This is a book I am looking forward to reading with Lucia next November.

What sort of turkey crafts are you getting into this year?

Remember to add your photos to the Silly Eagle Books flikr group if you end up making these turkeys (or any other of our craft ideas) with your kids! At the end of the month, I’d love to feature your work!

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5 Books: Adventures in Mommydom

Today, Ticia from Adventures in Mommydom is sharing her 5 Books with us:

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The five series I can’t wait to share with my kids:

I have to admit, while I like picture books, my great love are chapter books. I still as an adult tend to read young adult novels (admittedly that’s because they don’t feel the need to throw in gratuitous sex scenes, among other reasons). So, I have many series or authors I’m eagerly looking forward to sharing. Here they are in order of my remembering them.

Encyclopedia Brown Box Set (4 Books)
1. Encyclopedia Brown– I loved these mysteries, and loved trying to figure out the answer before looking in the back to see what the solution was. Sometimes I was able to figure it out, and sometimes I wasn’t. There was a familiarity to the series. Every book had a case with the no good teenager trying to get rich quick off the kids; there was always a case where Encyclopedia helped his Dad, the police chief, solve a case, and there was always a case that his partner, a girl named Sally (as I recall), was able to solve. Yes they’re predictable, but when you’re a kid that’s a good thing.

Nancy Drew Starter SetThe Hardy Boys Starter Set
2. Nancy Drew (or Hardy Boys)- Another fairly predictable series. In the first chapter it will introduce Nancy and her friends, there will be a brief recap of the last book (which always got me trying to remember if I’d read it or not). Then the mystery will be introduced, and of course at some point she gets kidnapped. Now, I never much liked the newer Nancy Drew Case Files, or any of the other follow ons. I always liked the traditional ones, you know where her friend Beth was trying to lose weight, and George was a total tomboy. All that new-fangled stuff. Silly.

The Black Cauldron (The Chronicles of Pyrdain)
3. The Pyrdain Chronicles (Book of Three, Black Cauldron…..)- Aw heck, almost anything by Lloyd Alexander. He writes great stuff. Most of it is written on a 4th grade level. It’s all a good adventure. A fair amount of it is fantasy (The Book of Three and such is, great series). And, as a word of warning, don’t watch the horrid Disney movie that “adapted” the Black Cauldron. It’s horrid, it combines a couple of the novels into one, and does a poor job of it. Oh wait, they did the same thing to Alice in Wonderland. So…….

The Black Stallion
4. The Black Stallion by Walter Farley- The Black Stallion is the first in the series. There’s about 15 of them, I think. His son then came and continued the series starting with “The Young Black Stallion,” which was actually fairly decent. I liked them, they had a fair amount of character to them, and hey how else do you learn what a furlong is?

Misty of Chincoteague
5. Misty of Chincoteague– That’s the first book in the series, the next would be Stormy, and then Sea Star. It’s written on about a third or fourth grade reading level, and I think from 5th-8th grade I devoured all of the books she wrote several times over. Oh, I should mention these are written by Marguerite Henry. And if you ever get to go to Chincoteague, VA to see Pony Penning, it is quite a magnificent sight, and you should stay to see the ponies swim back over. It’s much less crowded and you can get a much better view.

Well, that gives you five series to read with your kids someday. As I wrote this I actually thought of about another five, at least: The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Fablehaven (just recently came out, and I’m in the process of reading), Spiderwick Chronicles (I can’t wait to share this with my boys in a year or two because it has twin boys in it, and they have swords). My husband would add in Lord of the Rings, and Ender’s Game probably. Okay, honestly I have about 3 bookshelves worth of materials to share with my kids as they get older. Some will have to wait until they’re late teens (cough) Dresden Files (cough cough).

Thanks for sharing your picks, Ticia! I was a huge Nancy Drew fan as a girl and I look forward to sharing them with my girls someday. I think I’m going to keep my eyes open for some used copies at our local Goodwill!

5 Books: Playing by the Book

Today, Zoe from Playing by the Book shares her 5 books and songs with us! (If you are familiar with Zoe’s blog, you know three things: she recommends the BEST books, shares the most amazing and completely inspiring crafts, and ALWAYS shares way to incorporate music into the theme she’s posting on.) I love reading about her adventures with her daughters and am constantly finding new books that I simply MUST read. Today she is sharing a welcoming a new family member theme with us–perfect!Tesler app is fully automated software for investing on an asset which has an accuracy of 93% which can be also known that it places trade only when it is sure that the trade will be successful and leads to profit. This automated robot is reliable and legit which has authentic brokers so, there is no need to worry about our investments.

Two books I love to buy for newborns:
Look at You!: A Baby Body Book
Look at You!: A Baby Body Book by Kathy Henderson and Paul Howard  
Peepo! (Picture Puffin)
Peepo by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
Two books new big sisters (especially of a baby sister) will enjoy:
My Naughty Little Sister: A Treasury Collection
My Naughty Little Sister: A Treasury Collection by Dorothy Edwards and Shirley Hughes 
101 Things to Do with a Baby
The book that brought tears to my eyes as a new mum (and still does):
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox and Helen Oxenbury
A book that will make a sleep deprived Dad smile:
Mr. Bear's New Baby (Orchard picturebooks)
Mr Bear’s New Baby by Debi Gliori
A wonderful lullaby for the new baby:
Until The Light Of MorningLay Down by Essie Jain from the Album Until The Light Of Morning
A song about the trials and tribulations of having a big sister:
Snack TimeMy Big Sister by the Barenaked Ladies from the album Snacktime
A wry song to make the parents smile:
The Therapy FundThe Therapy Fund 
by Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer
From the Album Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer Present a Parents’ Home Companion
Just a gorgeous song about family, love and being together at home:
What Is A Home Without LoveWhat is a Home Without Love? by Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson and Ricky Skaggs
Thank you so much for sharing your favorites with us today, Zoe! I, of course, am going to run to the library and see which books are available and as a lullaby nut, I am excited to check out Until the Light of Morning. 
Please head over to Zoe’s blog and feast your eyes on her beautiful crafts and activities for kids!

halloween craft for preschoolers: bottle cap spiders

spider parade

You know I can’t resist a good bottle-cap craft…

The bottle cap stash was coming close to overflowing in its very special under-the-kitchen-sink storage area, so I thought we should make some spiders.

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spider craft1

All you need is some bottle caps (I like these dos equis ones), pipe cleaners, hot glue, regular glue, and googly eyes. Oh, and an enthusiastic spider-loving preschooler.

spider underside
I cut the legs and then hot glued them to the back of the cap.
dos equis spider

Once they dried, I bent the legs out in a spidery fashion and gave them to the eyeball girl.

gluing spider eyes

The eyeball girl then determines exactly how many eyes each spider gets. Some get 2, some 3, some 5, and the less fortunate, just 1.

spider invasion

Then we let them invade our kitchen table. And we put one by the spider paste.

As for spider books, we really like:
Aaaarrgghh! Spider!
Aaaarrgghh! Spider! by Lydia Monks

Do you have any favorite spider books?

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halloween fun for kids: witch toiletries

witch toiletries

With the baby’s birth coming up, I am feeling the need to get a head start on some October activities and Halloween-ish stuff. Otherwise, I’m afraid that maybe we won’t get to do them. So, we’ve started the fun a bit early this year.

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First let me share the book-spiration: Witches Four by Marc Brown

frog eye soap

I’ve had this book since I was a kid and now Juliet loves to read it. It’s not a Halloween book, just a book about 4 witches who lose their hats. They are silly, cute witches–not the scary, evil kind. They have silly things in their house like this frog-eyed soap which I just HAD to make for us.

frog eyed soap

I just got some green soap and hot-glued some googly eyes onto it one evening after Juliet was in bed. It took about 5 minutes. I placed it in the bathroom for her to find the next morning. Upon seeing it, she asked if she could wash her hands immediately. She then proceeded to wash her hands every half hour for the rest of the morning.

She would say something like, “Um, Mom? Do you think my hands are a little bit dirty? I think they are. I need to go wash them.” And then she would rush off to the bathroom to scrub up with some frog-eyed soap.

If I had known that a few googly eyes would inspire better hygiene, I would have done it earlier! Gone are the days of me discovering that she simply rinsed her hands with water when I told her to wash her hands for dinner!

spider paste

The next fun thing I copied from the witches is their spider paste.

spider paste

Juliet giggled when she saw it, but was not as eager to jump in and use it. She asked, “Um, what is that made of?” And I told her it was just regular toothpaste–there were no real spiders in it. Still she wasn’t sure. But I kept reassuring her that I would never give her a real spider to put in her mouth, so she finally agreed to try it.

Teeth brushing time has been a giggly event these past few nights!

Here is the image I printed out–if you want to use it, too. You can double click on the image, then right click and save it to your computer. I pasted it into a word document and then printed it out.

To make the paste, I just wrapped a mini- toothpaste tube in duct tape, and then used clear packing tape to affix the label to the front.

more frog eyed soap

What fun Halloween things do you like to do at your house?
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fun fall kid’s craft: paper tube owls


It’s still REALLY hot here in Georgia, so it’s a little hard to get into the fall mode yet, but we’re trying.

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I have been saving up some toilet paper rolls for a while and thought it would be fun if Juliet and I made some owls together one afternoon.


It turned out to be really fun! She loved gluing the feathers on the tube and picking out the eyes and beak. The best part is that she was able to do the entire project on her own–except for cutting out the beak. I did mine–she did hers–and we had fun.


Once they dried, I hot-glued some string to the inside and hung them from the chandelier as our festive fall kitchen decor.

Here’s a few more close-ups of the cute little guys…
I like a very fluffy and feathery owl.
Juliet prefers a thinner, less feathersome fowl. She enjoyed this activity so much that she asked to make another one the next day (this rarely happens!), so she made a blue-feathered friend to join the owls.
We spent some time at Borders the other night and I found some beautiful fall books for baby that I might have to get Lucia for next year.
In My Tree
In My Tree
Here’s a little owl–I love this series of books, but don’t own any of them yet. The illustrations are very engaging and the little owl moves from page to page through the cut-outs.
Bright Baby Touch and Feel Fall
Bright Baby Touch and Feel Fall
This has beautiful images and I especially love the squirrel page that features a very soft and touchable squirrel tail!
I Love Fall!: A Touch-and-Feel Board Book
I Love Fall!: A Touch-and-Feel Board Book
Do you have any favorite fall books for babies or preschoolers to share?
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Decorating children’s rooms: Lucia’s Nursery

lucia's room1
I’ve made you wait long enough! The nursery is complete and we’re all ready for Lucia’s arrival. Come on in.
lucia's room2
It’s a tiny room, but I’m going to give you lots of pictures!
lucia's room3
This is the most I can get on camera at once.
lucia's room4
To the left, as you enter, is the changing table with the framed Thumbelina pages.
lucia's room6
Lamp close up–can you see me in the reflection? 🙂
lucia's room 22

Next to that is the nursing/reading/rocking chair. I’m looking forward to many book-reading sessions here! You can also see my candle nightlight contraption on the wall.

lucia's room7
It’s an LED candle.
lucia's room11

One of my favorite purchases for the nursery is this beautiful boppy cover–it’s got cute owls on it and the back side is a soft orange minky dot! Orange is actually really hard to find when looking for boppy covers–I was so excited to find this one.
The view from the chair. There I am again in the reflection.
lucia's room 24
This is Juliet’s little spot. She plans on sitting in the tiny rocker to “hold her baby”. The vintage Counting Book is the first book I purchased for Lucia shortly after finding out I was pregnant.

lucia's room8

Reading nook with booksling and throw pillows. The fabric is very book-inspired: Rapunzel and The Owl and the Pussy Cat

lucia's room26
You’ve seen the buttonbeak wall art numerous times, but here it is again along with the sunshine, and mobile.
lucia's room 19
The crib.
lucia's room16
bedding close-up
lucia's room 20
In the crib: upcycled rose pillow, black apple doll, and adorable crocheted hedgehog!
lucia's room12
mobile close-up!
lucia's room 18
We’re almost through!
lucia's room10
But first, check out this fun owl I found at goodwill! It’s made out of nails, metal sheets, and wire! I love it!
lucia's room17
And we’re done.
lucia's room14
Hope you enjoyed the tour!

The nice thing about decorating your second child’s room is that you can reuse a lot of the furniture from the first child’s nursery.Reuse and recycle is important to keep our environment safe. Reducing the paper usage and sticking to alternative solutions is the next important step. In that way, switching to online platform for all our works is the best method to continue our transactions. Here is the full review of the best online trading automated platform, which gives you a privilege to earn more.

We had the crib, changing table, and chairs. With the help of my trusty can of white spray paint, I was able to reuse a lot of stuff I had in the garage from my Goodwill shopping adventures and make all of the artwork on my own.

I’m also lucky in that I am the only one of my siblings who has agreed to produce offspring. Brother A has declared that “he will not have a kid until he’s 50.” (He’s not even 30 yet…) and Brother B has stated that he’d “rather be waterboarded than have a kid right now.” So, while I do wish for little nieces and nephews, it does put my own children in the fortunate position as the sole recipients of their grandparents’ “spoil the grandkids” budget. That helps a lot when your are decorating a nursery.

The fun part (where I got to go shopping!) was in the details. Here are the sources, if you are interested:

Paint: Sherwin Williams Lazy Gray
Crib Bedding: Liberty of London Crib Bedding from Target
Curtains: Pom Pom Curtains from Urban Outfitters
Shelves: Flat Wood Shelves from Target
Gray Flokati Rug:
Ottoman: Bought it on clearance at Target–sorry, can’t find a link to it now!
Lamp: Illumination Station lamp from HomeGoods
Mobile: Flenstead Swallow Mobile from BabyEarth
Owl Pillow: Fong Studio
Boppy Cover: MollyAnneMake
Crocheted Hedgehog: Yarnigans
Pillow and Booksling Fabric: Heater Ross Far, Far, Away Rapunzel and The Owl and The Pussycat, Lizzy House Castle Peeps Castle Flags Orange from Fabricworm
Wall Decal: Three Weeds from Janey Mac
Letter L: Zinc Letters from Anthropologie
Storage Baskets: HomeTrends, Nedre from Walmart
Striped animals: Guatemala

I think that’s it! Hope you enjoyed it. I had so much fun working on this project for the past several months and am now just waiting for my little miracle’s arrival!

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platypus sewing project

This is what Juliet wants me to make for her….
Unfortunately, it is beyond my sewing ability. We checked this book out from the library recently and it was an instant hit.
Plaidypus Lost
Plaidypus Lost by Janet Stevens
The story is of a little girl and her plaidypus (which is a present from her grandmother).
He’s sewn out of grandpa’s old shirt and becomes a favorite companion who gets “lost” a lot. After we read it the first time through, she immediately said, “Let’s make one of those!” (That’s what I get for doing so many book-inspired crafts with her! She thinks we can make anything we see in a book!)

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I’m not really sure what my next move should be.
But I think you should go check out this book. Your kids will love it.

reading corners for kids: how to make fabric bookslings

I’m happy with how my book corner for Lucia’s nursery is coming out. The booksling turned out really great–it was easy to make following this tutorial on Penny Carnival.Such online tutorials are easy to follow, with the technological advancements. We are happy with the online trading platforms that are extremely easy for any newcomers. The Brit Method is one that is an easy and oldest online binary trading platform available that gives you a way to earn extra money.

It’s very easy to start with and all you need to do is, just register and set your preferences and go ahead.

I finally finished the pillow covers I’ve been working on (covered up some old pillows I had in closet) and have them piled on the floor. Hopefully, Juliet and Lucia have fun lounging around on them and reading some books together.
If you’re wondering about the fabric it’s Lizzy House Castle Peeps Castle Flags Orange.
Here’s a close-up.

I also made a booksling for Juliet. This one is right next to her bed, since that’s where we do most of our reading together these days. I thought it would also be good to have some nearby for when she wakes up in the morning (before I do)! (Do you recognize the creature pillow? We finally finished it!)
As you can see, she is currently without a bedspread, so you will just have to feast your eyes on the unmade bed and wrinkled sheets. (Can you tell which room a child is actually living in?)
I used the same fabric for Juliet, but chose the yellow option this time. (Lizzy House Castle Peeps Castle Flags Yellow)
Want to see more options?
I already mentioned where I found the tutorial for these slings, but I thought I’d also share where I first saw this idea: Finn’s bookslings @ Sew Liberated–I’ve been drooling over these ever since I first saw how Meg’s turned out!
My friend Michelle made a beautiful one for her daughters and even used two different fabrics! I love how she has the letter e on the front.
If you’re looking for another DIY book nook project, take a look at this rain gutter bookshelf tutorial! I love the look of this as well!
Have you made bookslings or rain gutter bookshelves? What are your must-haves for a good book nook?

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book-inspired nursery art: button beaks

Okay, so here it is! The book-inspired nursery wall art I’ve been talking about and working on for the past several weeks. It’s finished. It’s hanging on the wall. And it looks good. (Phew! You never know how something like this will turn out–it could have easily been a disaster!)We have all one such similar instances in life, where the predictability remains a huge question. Trading, involving your money is a huge nerve biting moment, where the money might grow in doubles or just sink to null. But, I believe in one of the best sites that gives me only the genuine growing path trading platform. Visit the following site to know about that I was talking!

I had a big space on the wall to fill and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on something this huge. I got a canvas at Hobby Lobby, some scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, googly eyes, and set to work.
Here’s the inspiration book: The Ice Cream Cone Coot and other Rare Birds by Arnold Lobel (of Frog and Toad fame). It’s a really fun book if you’ve never read it. I was lucky enough to stumble across a copy in our local Goodwill. It’s not in great condition, but we’re not too picky.
The image I loved was this one of the button beaks–if you can’t see it, they are little buttons with beaks and feet that are flying off the little boy’s shirt.
I know that they make paper punches that will give you perfectly rounded circles, but I just went with the old-school route and used my x-acto knife and three different sized bottle caps. It was kind of tedious, but very cost-effective! I think I spent several evenings cutting these guys out.
I made the little girl figure using a template from my favorite McCalls Golden Do-It Book–this is one of my all time favorite vintage finds! She was just the right size–I just changed her hair and skin color a bit made the dress to match the room.


I was nervous about actually gluing onto the canvas because once I started, I knew I could not go back. I began using regular Elmer’s glue, but that didn’t seem to work that well, so I switched to Mod Podge. I used a brush to evenly cover the entire back surface and then smoothed out the paper once it was on the canvas.
Once they dried, I applied the googly eyes. Again, this was scary because I wasn’t sure how it would look, but it seemed fine. The beaks were the most nerve-wrecking part because I was using a permanent maker. One slip of my hand and it could be an irreversible mistake!
As expected, I got better at drawing the beaks after I had done about half of them. I found that longer, skinner beaks looked better than the shorter, wider ones, but since there are so many birds, you can’t really tell.
Here’s the finished product waiting to get hung on the wall…
And here it it is in its permanent home. I happy with it and hope that Lucia likes it as much as I do.
Do you have a favorite book that inspires you? I recently discovered a creative blog called My Insanity. Kendra created some adorable nursery art inspired by the vintage children’s book The Very Little Girlby  Phyllis Krasilovsky. I’ve never read the book myself, but it looks like something I would love!
I’d love to hear about or see pictures of any book-inspired projects you’ve worked on!
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