spring kids craft: tissue paper tulips

After making our daffodils, Juliet and I were inspired by the tulips growing in our garden.

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what you need
The key ingredient was a piece of a styrofoam egg carton–it was the perfect thing to give our tulip its shape. I cut out some rounded red petals from tissue paper, and we used our trusty mod podge. (Love that stuff.)
We just put some mod podge on the cup and placed petals all around it. Easy for adults and kids.
I just kept layering the petals till I was satisfied with the look.
Next I tackled the inside. Same thing–just pasted and layered till it looked right.
Here’s an inside shot.
After the flowers were dry, we punched a pipe cleaner through the middle. ( I used a black and a green one to make the stem and stamen? (Is that what it’s called?)
To finish, I twisted it underneath to secure.
Cheery and fun!

Anyone know of any good tulip books? I don’t have one right now….but I’m on the hunt!

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kids spring craft: tissue paper daffodils

side view
Spring has been here for a few weeks and we’ve been on a flower kick. Our garden is is full bloom and what we see outside is definitely inspiring our craft time inside.
a host of golden daffodils
I mean, how can you resist these beauties? I want to keep them all year long, so we decided to try our hand at making a few.
what you need
Here’s what you need: pipe cleaners, a circle of clear contact paper, tissue paper petals, and some ribbon or paper to make the center of the daffodil.
contact paper
Start by punching the pipe cleaner through the center of the circle (sticky side up) and then back down again. Twist the pipe cleaner under the circle to secure it. Then peel the protective paper off. You will stick the petals to this part. (I did this part as prep and let Juliet continue from the next step on her own.)
Kids can easily hold the stem and place the petals around the circle. We learned through our own observation and from Bright Yellow Flower  that daffodils have six petals.
However, Juliet decided they would look better with a few more, so you’ll see that ours are not scientifically correct. (I’m okay with that–it is art, after all!)
For the trumpet (middle part), I found this gold lamay trim on the clearance rack at Walmart. It was $1.50 and there was only one roll left. But it was perfect, I thought. If you don’t have something like this, you could always just make it out of regular ribbon or construction paper. You just need a tube that will stand up straight in the middle of the flower.
Gluing on the trumpets was the final touch.
a host
Once they dried, we placed them a vase to enjoy.
They are quite cheerful, don’t you think?

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We found this book Bright Yellow Flower by Judith Hoffman Corwin to teach us more about daffodils. It’s a good spring-time read.


Thanks to Polly for hosting the Read Along at Helping Little Hands! Have you been following along this month? She has some great books and great activity ideas for you to check out all month long. 
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st. patrick’s day bouquet: kids craft

We had some extra green cupcake liners after making the garland, so we decided to make a bouquet for our March centerpiece.
what you need
We raided the button box for green buttons (we only found 8), sent Ben to Walmart for some green pipe cleaners (we only had black), and got to work.
through the center
We punched the pipe cleaner through the center. (Somewhat related aside: When I worked for the textbook company, we had to call these “chenille stems”, but I prefer the old school “pipe cleaner”. Hope you don’t mind.)
punch it
Juliet placed the button on and then I bent it and brought it back through another button hole (that part proved a bit too difficult for her 4 year old fingers.)
It ended up looking like this–I twisted the pipe cleaner underneath the button to make it secure.
green bouquet
I have to say, it looks quite cheerful! I think I’ll be keeping it around long after St. Patrick’s day.

Bottle caps better watch out–I think cupcake liners might be my new favorite craft material!

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shamrock ribbon barrette tutorial

I love making holiday hair accessories for Juliet. I had some green ribbon and came up with this shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day. It was pretty easy to do, hopefully, you can get the idea from these pictures.
first loop
Start with one loop and hot glue it together. Leave enough ribbon for a stem. You can trim it to size later.
2nd loop
Make a second loop and glue it down. (behind the first loop.)
third loop
Make your third loop and secure with glue.
trim ribbon
Trim the ribbon on one side.
fold stem
Fold the stem over and glue it down. Then trim it to the desired length.
glue on barrette
Finally, glue it on a barrette and you are done!
shamrock barrette
Ready for St. Patrick’s Day!

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Hopefully, those pictures made sense–feel free to email me or leave a question in the comments if you need more explanation.

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st. patrick’s day shamrock stamp craft for kids

Do you have any dollar store foam hearts left over from valentines day crafts? Don’t pack them up yet! I used some of ours to make this shamrock stamp.
what you need
Here are the pieces I used–three hearts and I cut the x into a stem shape. I used a bottle cap for the stamper. You could use just about anything…
the stamp
Here it is assembled and ready to go!
a little too much paint
For the past few years, I’ve seen people using these foam stickers as stamps, but I’ve never tried it with Juliet till now. We took a few times to figure out exactly how much paint worked best–here we got a little too much. Also, we found that the stamp slides across the paper very easily, so it is easy to smudge the shamrock if you are not really steady.
stamped shamrocks
But eventually, we got a few good ones.
shamrocks a plenty
Even the messy ones are pretty cute in a modern art kind of way.

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I’m working on a St. Patrick’s Day booklist for you this week!
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We Play

how to display children’s artwork in your home

This is our art gallery in our home. It’s the door to the garage from the kitchen. Juliet figured out that the door was metal (and thus perfect for magnets), so we’ve been using it as a display place in addition to the refrigerator.
I’ve recently come across some exceptionally beautiful home galleries and wanted to share the links with you. These places truly inspire me.
I cannot get the painted yellow frames in this beautiful art space out of my mind. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate this idea in our new playroom…
I love this creative use of office clips for displaying botanical prints. I think it could be easily adapted to display children’s art in the living room.

This display of framed children’s artwork is one of my favorite DIY nursery art ideas.

Another great use of bulldog clips–this one requires some carpentry skills…

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Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the corkboard nook.

More fabulous painted frames.Magnetic trays anchored to the wall provide an easy-in-easy-out rotating art display.

I love the simplicity of a string and clothespins hung above a child’s bed.

I’ve been thinking about doing something like this up the stairway wall for a long time. Must find those clipboards!

I also like these Ikea wire hangers. So easy for kids to change the art themselves!

Which is your favorite? How do you display your child’s artwork in your home? If you have them, please leave links so I can see!

Edited: Here are some more links to check out!
instant art gallery: I love how kids can easily slide their art in and out without having to bother with clips.

spring crafts for kids: crocus sun catchers

Look what we found in our garden a few days ago–Our first sign of spring! This yellow crocus had me shouting for joy, I tell ya. The weather is even cooperating and we’ve been having some beautiful 60 degree days around here. (I know it’s only February, but that’s when our spring starts. It’s one of the main reasons why I live in Georgia.)

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To celebrate and to welcome spring, I thought we would do a tissue paper/contact paper suncatcher craft together.
making art
The shapes were really simple–just some oval petals and leaves. If you fold and stack the layers of tissue paper enough, you only have to make a few cuts. I taped the contact paper to the window pane sticky side out and we were ready to make our crocuses.
fun in the sun
Three yellow petals seemed to make a nice crocus blossom.
Placing the paper on the sticky surface was surprisingly relaxing…
Here’s the up close view.
crocus window
And here is the view from a few steps back! Looks bright and cheery, I think.

I found a few other fun spring flower crafts that I’d like to try this spring.

tissue paper forsythia (I think this one looks so beautiful and we have tons of yellow tissue paper still!)
handprint easter lilies (Could be fun for Easter, too.)
felt and button flower spring bouquet (A little more ambitious, but I like the thought of letting Juliet try her hand at sewing the buttons.)
A Peek-and-Find Adventure with Bobby Bear (Maurice Pledger Peek and Find)
This books has nothing to do with flowers, but it does have to do with spring, so I thought I’d share it: A Peek-and-Find Adventure with Bobby Bear  by Maurice Pledger. Juliet LOVES this one even though it is probably better suited to 2-3 year olds. She still loves lifting all the flaps.

Do you have any spring flower crafts or books to share?

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thumbprint heart family tree

thumbprint heart
The thumbprint heart. Looks simple enough, right?

Now imagine trying to get your I-can-do-it-all-by-myself 4 year old and unable-to-open-her-hands-on-her-own 4 month old to make one…..

Yeah. I don’t have any pictures of that. But it was awesome. And we had red paint everywhere.

Eventually, I did manage to get something that looked kind of like a heart from both of them.

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family tree hearts
Made myself a valentine, that’s what! I cut out their little thumbprint (which actually turned out to be pointer fingerprints) hearts and stamped their initials on each.

Then I printed out this lovely family tree (Thanks, Martha!) and glued it onto a tiny canvas. I stamped a b+v in the heart on the trunk and placed it on a picture ledge. Makes me smile every time I see it as I walk down the stairs.
cornelia augusta
I got the idea from a very creative valentine-maker,  Miss Cornelia Augusta, in the book The Day It Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond.
Day It Rained Hearts
Have you read it yet? I hope you can find a copy at your library. It’s a good one.

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paint chip valentines

paint chip valentines
Crafting with paint chips is all the rage these days, so I picked up a few the other day to get in on the fun.

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The simple things that caught my attention are –

It comes completely free of cost. Apart from the amount you fund to initiate your transactions, you do not have to pay anything further.It comes with a high profit rate and requires very little participation from your side.

These are some valentines I made for Juliet. I plan on putting one in her mailbox every day of February up until Valentines Day. (Why save all the fun for just one day?)

She can’t read many words yet, so I needed something simple. And since she likes to carry her mail around with her all day and all night long, I needed something sturdy. These paint chip valentines are going to be just right.
paint chips
I picked a few in shades of pink, purple, and red…
love notes
Got out my stamps and inkpad and wrote a few simple messages on each one during a particularly well-timed nap day (both girls were in their rooms and I had an hour to myself–not something I get everyday…)
She’s learning to read, so I think we’ll have fun with these. (Does anyone else like to borrow song lyrics for Valentines cards?)

I tucked these cards away for now, but I’m ready for next week when the celebration of hearts begins! How are you planning on telling your kids you love them? (I love these homemade apple chips Regina made with her little one…) 

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police themed birthday party

chasing dingo dog
Juliet recently turned 4 years old and we celebrated with her friends by throwing a “police-themed” birthday party. I use quotes because it was very much our own interpretation of a police theme and most of our ideas were based on Officer Flossie from Richard Scarry’s Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.
Robert the Rose Horse (Beginner Books(R))
Flossie and Robert (of Robert the Rose Horse fame) are pretty much the only two police characters Juliet is aware of. I’m not sure she even knows what real police officers do…but she sure thinks their uniforms and cars are cool.

The idea for this party was born exactly one day after her mermaid party last year. She was telling me how much fun she had at her party and I responded by asking her what kind of party she wanted to have next year.
officer flossie
We might have been reading Cars and Trucks and Things that Go or maybe we had just finished it, but somehow the police theme came up and it became something we talked about on a weekly basis for the next 12 months. Every time it came up, more ideas were born and I tried to keep track of them in case she really wanted to go with this in a year’s time.

It turns out she did. And she remembered every single details from all our discussions. So I had some scrambling to do once January rolled around and this party of her dreams was drawing near.

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Here is how it turned out.
The Invitations
the invites
You’ve seen the stop sign invitations inspired by Flossie’s own stop sign.  (I’m not sure any of the guests actually picked up on the police theme from them, but once they arrived at our house, they figured it out!)
The Costumes
officer flossie's hat
Juliet’s costume was my first priority. She was very clear about NOT wanting a regular police outfit–she wanted Flossie’s. I had to do some ebay searching for a navy blazer in her size, but I found one just in time. We never found a pleated navy skirt, so we ended up using a pink tulle one that she already owned (It wasn’t hard to convince her to wear something pink since it is her favorite color.) And we modified a regular police hat (gift from her friends) with a nice pink bow–just like Flossie’s.

I wish I had found this pink police shirt to go under the blazer before the party–isn’t it cute?
waiting for her friends
A whistle, a belt, and she was ready to go.

the gear

It turns out police hats are pretty pricey (meaning I didn’t have the budget to buy all her friends one), but I hit the whistle and handcuff jackpot at the dollar store at Halloween. They had police sets which included a whistle, handcuff, keys, badge, walkie talkie, and baton all for $1. I bought one for each child and we were ready to play.

The best thing about the whistles (besides the price) is the fact that they didn’t work! Can you imagine 10   preschoolers running around the house blowing whistles? Nightmare. I was so relieved they didn’t make a peep. 
The kids each got a whistle and a pair of handcuffs at the door. I placed the batons and walkie talkies in the playroom for them to use as they wished.
the keys
I also put all the keys out and several post it note pads (to serve as “tickets”, but I don’t think that idea caught on very well).
The Decor
We tried to create some ambiance and bring a little more of Richard Scarry’s world into our home by painting this flag banner (found in the book).
ben's handiwork
Ben’s my party streamer/balloon expert, so he took care of all the “bars” around the house (sort of a jail bar motif).
behind bars
Here’s the view into the kitchen. You can see the blue “picnic” area for all the kids.
trying to be martha
In a nod to Robert the Rose Horse, I tried my hand at Martha’s pom poms….the picture makes them look a lot better than they actually did in real life. While the directions are simple, I found them really difficult to spread and pouf without tearing the tissue paper. Guess I need more pom practice.
blue light special
Ben ordered these flashing police lights online and set them up around the house. Not only are they perfect for police parties, but now we can have crazy disco dance parties in the kitchen any night of the week.
The Fun 
the car
This is the #1 thing Juliet asked for: the police car made out of a box. Ever since I threw out this pink box car  that I made her last Christmas, she’s been asking for another one. Instead of wrapping it with blue paper, I went for the spray paint option this time. Also, I used Amanda’s letter cutting tutorial to get the perfect letters for the front of the car. (You’ve got to watch it. It’s awesome.)
county jail
The second most important item for the party was this cardboard box jail! Two days before the party, we still had not found a suitable box. I asked Juliet if we could just use her pink princess tent as a jail if I hung a “jail” sign from it. She responded to that with a kind, but firm “But jail’s aren’t pink, mama.” She had me there. So Ben had to drive all over town until he found this one. Whew. Then he did a rock star job of transforming it into a really fun jail with a door, two windows, and even some bars. The kids LOVED it.
car mat
I also had Ben pick up this car mat from Ikea, so the kids could drive their own little wooden police cars around town (found the cars at the Target $1 bin at Christmas time!)
book nook
Remember how I wanted to make a book nook for the party? Here it is! Not exactly what I had hoped for, (turns out there are very few police books in our library) but these two were good. Although, I don’t think anyone looked at them–too much fun going on in the county jail, you know.
The Craft 
craft time
I cut out cardboard circles, glued some red-ish paper on top, attached a popsicle stick, and let the kids stick on letters to make their own stop signs. Again, not as fun as the jail…
The Food
the food table
We tried to convince Juliet to just go with donuts, but she also requested pink cupcakes–so we had those, too! The pink roses? Another birthday girl request and Rose horse shout out.

Phew. This probably should have been divided into two posts! We had a lot of fun and made some beautiful memories. I’ve been careful NOT to ask Juliet what she wants her 5th birthday party theme to be…I need a break from party planning! Although, she did mention that she’d like a Rapunzel party after attending her friend Lydia’s party just last week……we’ll see what she says next year.

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