Five Things I can do Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain can do anything, the myth is slowly getting busted, there is more to come from the disillusioned concept of anonymity.The decentralized form of storing your data and digital fortune could just be tipped off and fall off from the cliff, with an overzealous crowd who this technology can even make your morning bed tea, thanks to the social media for posting anything but reality sometimes. The faint rays of the sun have dawned upon people who have tested this technology with all its limitations and vouch for a revolution that is yet to happen as the technology is still in the nascent stage.

Small blocks that attach to each other storing high amount of information that could have added more to the data junk that is waiting to burst off, this technology could save the world from the e-junk that is even invading the galaxy.

  • the foremost thing we can do is use this technology in the process of transferring money, without having to worry about the in-between processes that could further delay the money transfer, the base currency is almost a decade old now, was never hacked and the amazing simplicity of the protocol has made the technology go further
  • making in-app payments or microgrid transactions, you can make fraction amount payments that are done with high speed, without any restriction on the amount to be transferred or paid, the pay per use concept is novel and there are no ownership issues, as it is not touched upon by the micropayments at all
  • personal finance has benefitted largely, peer to peer lending has become common today, low interest bearing lendings have become more sought after with minimal or no paperwork
  • motorist paying their parking fees with the digital coins is another way to include the coin currency in our daily lives, are suggested by the council so that there is no delay in paying up the fees upright
  • digital identity cards are the best way to prove the identity of individuals, with paperwork having too many issues to bear with , this could be the next revolutionary way to have your own digital identity, all your paperwork, property documents, and other important details could be well stored in the digital locker, helping the environment in your own way and leading to a more safer information, without banks selling off our data to marketing companies