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Kids craft: Independence Day Cuffs

We’re trying to do all our 4th of July crafting without spending any money, so I thought it was a good time to try out these toilet paper tube wrist cuffs.We often have the same mentality, not to spend too much on certain things. But, we also do the exact opposite in certain circumstances. That’s the human mentality.


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I first saw them as a Cinco de Mayo craft where kids glue colored gems onto the cuffs to decorate them. I’ve been saving some paper tubes to try the craft out and we had some ribbon and a few puffballs to work with…
Not exactly jewels, but it would do!
We each had two wrist cuffs to decorate any way we wanted to. This was amusing to Juliet for about 10 minutes and then she declared herself to be “too tired” to do any more, at which point she energetically chased the cat around the house for 5 minutes. (You’re never too tired to torment the kitty!)
However, ten minutes of jewelry creating was more than enough for her to create some fabulous pieces to wear on the 4th.
She also had fun modeling my creations…
Makes me feel a little like Wonder Woman!


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cheap, easy, “green” fourth of July craft for kids!

Looking for something easy and cheap to do with your preschooler to get the Independence Day festivities going? Try these fun fourth of July bottle cap cakes!

I was doing really well with staying ahead of the game for Father’s Day, but then I blinked and realized it was almost Independence Day! I generally like to keep crafting costs to a minimum anyways, but this month I really need to spend $0 because my cat decided to take a midnight visit to the animal ER after consuming about 5 feet of twine one day last week. Let’s just say, she used up her lifetime medical funds in one evening.It happens to many of us once in a lifetime at least. Hence it’s essential that we have our finances managed well. At the same time, we must also look to expand our income, so that it helps in either saving or spending. But, how to expand?


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So, we are pinching pennies this month and as a result, I have to make do with whatever I can dig up around the house for crafts.
Bottle caps are always a good, cheap, crafting supply, so Juliet and I brought out the jar and sorted the red, white, and blue ones. We only had 1 red one, so we painted a couple white ones with red tempera paint and that solved our problem easily.
We decided to stack the caps and then decorate our tiny cakes with ribbon and gems. We had some red, white, and blue ribbon in my ribbon box and some rhinestones in the craft box. You could use whatever you have: puffballs, stickers, confetti, scrapbook paper, etc. Kids don’t care–they just like gluing stuff on!
I let Juliet handle the glue–so there was A LOT of it flying around, but in the end everything was stuck together quite nicely. Currently, the cakes are adorning our kitchen table–sitting atop some red, white, and blue scrapbook covered cereal boxes.

If you are looking for some good patriotic songbooks for kids, check out yesterday’s booklist!

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nursery art from children’s books

We painted the nursery a few weeks ago and ever since, I have been busy trying to put it all together. I really wanted to incorporate some pages from some of my vintage children’s books as artwork on the wall, but wasn’t sure how I was going to do it.The same thought occurred when we were planning for Christmas gifts for all and finances were short! How were we going to fix them? Well, then came a Santa in disguise, that gave us good opportunity to earn easily and quickly. Continue reading here to know all about it and you too stay free from worries.

Then I remembered these two frames I had sitting in my garage. I purchased them from goodwill last fall (sorry, I don’t have a before pic). They were wooden with glass panes that had some sort of botanical print between the glass.
The only way I could get the print out was to smash the glass, so I pretty much destroyed them. I though they were hopeless, but I went ahead and sprayed them white just in case. They’ve been sitting in my garage ever since (You know, in that pile of stuff that my husband is always asking me if he can throw away? He can’t help it; he’s such a helpful fellow.)
I have this Thumbelina book gorgeously illustrated by Pablo Ramirez(one of my favorites!) And I thought these pages would be perfect for the nursery. I love the bright colors and delicate flowers. Plus, the dark-haired Thumbelina looks like what I imagine my little girl to look like one day. (Watch, now that I said this, she’ll be blonde!)
I carefully removed the spread I wanted to use and taped the two pieces together down the middle. Then I used regular thumbtacks to hold the page in place. There is no glass in the frame, so it was simple and easy.
Now I’ve got some inexpensive (and beautiful) wall art above the changing table! One wall down, two more to go!
The frames were $3 or $4 a piece at goodwill and the book was $1.25 (also from goodwill). Two pieces of art for under $10 is pretty good, I think!
The only problem with tearing apart a book like this is that now you can’t read the story…so of course, I set out to find another copy of it and it arrived a few days ago. I placed the “new” copy on Juliet’s shelf and I think I may use the first copy as a display on some shelves in the nursery–the cover is beautiful, too.
Do you have any beautiful vintage books that would make great artwork?

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my new blog: little learners

I recently started a new blog on a site called If you don’t live in Georgia, that’s okay, you can still read my blog!

It’s called Little Learners and my goal is that it be a resource for parents who want to encourage a life-long love of learning in their children.

In other words, it’s a lot like Silly Eagle Books, but it doesn’t focus completely on books. I can actually write a post and not have to tie a book to it!

Don’t get me wrong, I love that this blog has a niche, but sometimes Juliet and I do fun activities that don’t necessarily go with a book we’ve read. Now I have a place to share those ideas and more freedom to explore different topics.

With the same freedom, as parents with children; I would like to let you know about the different earning option, which will help you in keeping your family happy. Click here now, to learn about the new software and the latest trending auto trading platforms, which are way faster and easier in its working.

I haven’t written too many posts yet, but my vision for it right now is to share simple and fun learning activities that parents can throw together fairly easily from everyday items. I’ve been working on a series focused on activities you can do with coins and have come up with some fun ideas like


this state coin map activity and
a coin sorting activity

I would also like to feature great ideas from other blogs–that’s where I need your help. You all are amazingly talented and I am constantly inspired by your blogs every day. If you have a blog that you wouldn’t mind me featuring a project or craft from, let me know.

I will just use one picture and of course, include a link back to your blog. I’ve featured two great ideas so far:

DIY Latches Board  from Let’s Go Fly at Kite
Butterfly Matching Activity from Toddler Approved

I will also be sharing some of our Georgia-related adventures like

our recent strawberry-picking adventures


and family trip to Rock City.
I hope you’ll stop by and check it out! I don’t post every day, but am trying to get two or three posts a week going. Leave a comment and say hi! Right now, it’s pretty silent in the comment arena!
Again, if you’d like to submit an idea or just give me permission to peruse your blog and choose an idea, email me at! Thanks! Can’t wait to hear from you!

learning about our compassion sponsored child’s country

Learn more about sponsoring a child.

You’ve probably heard me mention Compassion before–it’s a big part of our lives.
#1. Because we’ve been sponsors for the past 15 years
#2. Because my husband works for this organization.

Since he works for Compassion, my husband is always visiting Compassion projects overseas and meeting children currently enrolled in the program as well as those that have graduated from it. Every so often, some graduates visit the United States to share their stores and when they do, Juliet and I LOVE to meet with them and get to know them.With the internet being flooded with loads of options to earn more, I Love to explore many of them to earn a little extra, but quiet scared about the consequences. Well, that’s when I got to know about the forex trading, that suffices your needs and makes you worry free. Check for further information.

Right now, there are four Kenyan graduates in the U.S. for the summer and we got to meet them a few weeks ago. Since we sponsor a child in Kenya, I’ve been doing a few crafts and projects with Juliet to help her learn a little more about the country.
I thought I’d share what we’ve been doing. Even if you don’t sponsor a child, these activities are great for learning about any country in general!

1. Locate your sponsored child’s country on a map.
I printed a map of Africa and a map of Kenya for Juliet to look at and color. (Print maps of various sizes for free at Owl and Mouse Educational Software) You can see that I had her color in the country of Kenya on the African map (we first located it using our globe, and then she colored it in.) Then I let her paint the map of Kenya. We are sending this map to our sponsored child as a “letter” from Juliet.

2. Learn about your sponsored child’s national flag.
Again, you can find free printable world flags and black and white printable flags easily online. We did a fun centerpiece craft project with our flags, but you could color them, paint them, or make them out of felt!
3. Read books about or set in your sponsored child’s country. 
We have a few books that feature swahili words and also a few that are stories set in Kenya. 
Papa, Do You Love Me?
One we recently read and loved is Papa, Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joosse–a story about a Maasai father and son. 
4. Share your projects with your sponsored child. 
We hung our maps and flags on our refrigerator for a few days, but soon they will be sent to our sponsored child as “letters” from Juliet. If you do sponsor with Compassion, you know how important writing letters to your sponsored child is. These projects are a great way for younger children to communicate with their Compassion friends before they are able to write on their own.


You can only send flat items to sponsored children, so these embellished flags won’t make it to Kenya. But we did take a picture of Juliet sitting under her creations to send along with her maps and flags. Pictures are another fun and easy way to share your family and your life with your sponsored child. 
How do you connect with your sponsored children or teach your children about other countries? Have any great resources to share? 

If you don’t sponsor a child, but would like to learn more, visit Compassion’s website for more information or feel free to email me–I’d love to tell you more about it!

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faux ipad father’s day picture frame

9.56 inches x 7.47 inches

Ben’s #1 Father’s Day/birthday wishlist item is an iPad. He dreams of it…but for now, that’s all it will be–a dream.All of us dream of many things, most of us dream of becoming financially stable, as that is the need of the hour. Without finances, it’s difficult to do any task in this world. Hence it’s important that you manage your finances well.

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It allows you to trade, without any knowledge and works in just a few minutes. It doesn’t need your intervene and is very well designed to give you the expected earnings.

(Don’t feel too sorry for him–he has an iphone a brand new mac laptop, an xbox, and various other electronic gadgets with which to amuse himself.)

But I thought it would be fun to make him a little faux ipad picture frame featuring one of the pictures I took of Juliet in her father’s day photo shoot.
It was simple enough to make–just cut out two pieces of craft foam (white for the back and black for the front). I used scissors and a craft knife. (I also looked up the exact dimensions of an iPad and used those to make the frame.)
I curved the edges to make it look more like an iPad. Then I just glued the pieces together, traced a dime for the power button, taped a 5×7 picture of Juliet inside and was done!
I personalized the picture with a message on It reads, “iDad, you’re my hero.”
I think he’s going to like it.
Maybe not as much as a real iPad, but almost as much.
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last minute cheat sheet for dads: easy mother’s day crafts for preschoolers

My favorite day to go to the grocery store is Valentines Day. Around 5:30. I don’t go for the groceries. I go to watch the last-minute husbands/boyfriends frantically tear through the seriously depleted valentine aisle in search of an appropriate card, gift, or bouquet for their sweethearts. And I just stand there and watch. And giggle a little bit. It’s really the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’ve never been to the grocery store early Mother’s Day morning, but I imagine the scene is similar. Maybe. I don’t know.I don’t know if it’s okay to advise you all, maybe I thought it’s going to be useful for many who are struggling to make ends meet. Finances are one of the major reason for many hassles in life, it’s also one of the reasons for materialistic happiness.


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Maybe Dads are more on top of the Mother’s Day thing than I think. But just in case, I thought that instead of laughing at them, I’d help them out a bit this year. Here’s a list of some easy crafts you can do with your kids that are sure to make their mother smile.

You’ve probably seen all of these posts already, but wanted to list them in one place. I looked through my past posts and picked a few that would work for Mother’s Day gifts. (Email this list to dad!)


handprint heart keepsake


tissue paper flowers


homemade muffin liner flower cards


Homemade gift boxes


Framed M glitter art


“Look Mom, I’m an artist” collage
Got any good ideas to add to this list?
(I’m linking up to the Mother’s day link up at ABC and 123 Learning!)

father’s day gift idea: bottle cap memory game

I’ve been saving these metal bottle caps for a long time now with the hopes of making a memory game out of them.

Juliet is just now showing an interest in playing memory, but she doesn’t have the patience to play a full-sized game with a lot of cards.Patience is an essential factor for everything, especially in trading and while dealing in the stock markets. During trading, when there is a small decline seen, there is a number of people who panic and lose patience and do some profit booking, finally end up doing or getting into losses.


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I finally decided it was time to attack the project and make it into a Father’s Day project from Juliet. I used these round stickers to make the letters spell “I love daddy” (two sets) and then let Juliet stick them to the insides of the bottle caps.
She LOVED sticking on the stickers and asked for more letters after we were done.
I had a little gift bag in our junk drawer that I used to hold the caps. Now, Juliet and Ben have a fun little game they can play together!
[Things to remember if you want to do this project: 
* all the bottle caps need to be the same on the outside
* if you have repeated letters in your phrase, make sure the color of the sticker differentiate them–for example, I had 3 d’s, so I used three different colored stickers for them. ]
If you are looking for some great books to read on Father’s Day, check out my Father’s Day booklist!
This fun project was a way I made Memory work for me–for more “works for me” tips, head over to:
works for me wednesday at we are that family

And for more crafty goodness:


father’s day gift idea: handprint keepsake and interview

This is in easy and fun idea for a Father’s Day gift. We actually made this one for Ben’s Christmas present this year.
All you need is a double picture frame, some scrapbooking paper, tape, and a few moments to record an interview with your child.
You just trace your child’s hand on some scrapbooking paper and place it in one side of the frame.
Now for the fun part: the interview! Ask your child some questions and record his or her answers. You can ask anything, but here are a few of the questions I asked Juliet about her dad:
  • What is your favorite thing to do with daddy?
  • What does daddy’s face look like?
  • What books do you like to read with daddy?
I also asked some follow-up questions based on her responses. For example, she answered the question about what her daddy’s face looks like with this He has a face like this…hey! Say, “What does his hair look like?”

So, I then asked, “What does his hair look like?” and she said, He doesn’t have hair! He has a head! (He’s shaves his head almost completely bald!)Having a head isn’t the biggest thing, the way it works and you tune them, your thoughts and thinking capacity is all that matters. Just like doing trading, by using the broker services, rather than relying on many automated services that are way better than the brokers.

If you are thinking of doing forex trading, then read the full review of the best top forex trading here.

I also asked some “leading” questions about certain games they play together because I wanted to record her thoughts on them. The result is about 5 or 6 questions paired with uniquely Juliet responses.
I typed Juliet’s name and the date at the bottom of the interview, printed it out, and then taped it to the other side of the frame.
As a finishing touch, I printed the little poem “This is the hand you used to hold when I was only 2 years old.” and taped it to the handprint.
(I found the poem on Handprint and Footprint Art, my source of handprint and footprint art inspiration!)

The frame now sits on Ben’s desk and Juliet is proud to point it out anytime she walks into the room.

In other news…I just got a twitter account, so if you are into that, follow Silly Eagle Books on Twitter! I’m just learning and figuring it all out, so if you have a twitter account, let me know so I can follow you, too!

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how to clean your books

I buy a lot of used books. In fact, most of the books Juliet owns are ones I found at our local Goodwill or other thrift store. We buy so many books, there is no way I could afford to buy them all new!
As you know, sometimes used books are slightly dirty and a bit gross. You don’t know where they’ve been…which can be worrisome. But don’t let that stop you! With a little TLC, you can rid slightly grubby used books of all their smudges and grime with your own homemade, eco-friendly cleaner!
Here’s what I do: 
Take a spray bottle (any kind will do) and fill it with white vinegar 3/4 full.
Fill the rest with plain tap water.
Add several drops of tea tree oil.
You’re done!
This is a good multi-purpose cleaner–I use it on my countertops, doorknobs, floor, etc…anywhere I need to clean up a spill.
But my main use is for cleaning up my used books as soon as I bring them home. The tea tree oil is supposed to have antibacterial qualities, so I like to think it kills some of the germs.
I spray a bit on a paper towel, and wipe the book down. Smudges, caked on dirt, and fingerprints come right off the covers. I also use this just on the cover of regular books, but also on all the pages of board books.
It’s non-toxic, so it’s safe to let your kids use, if they want to help out. (Juliet LOVES to help with this task.) The vinegar WILL sting their eyes if they spray it in them, but if you handle the spraying, there is no real danger of that happening. (And while it will sting, it won’t damage their eyes at all like other cleaners would, should the unfortunate event occur.)
You might be able to see the frownie face I drew on my spray bottle. This let’s Juliet know that she should not be spraying this bottle!


Now, keep in mind that I have never read anywhere that this is a good way to clean your books. It’s just something I do and it works for me.Similarly, I don’t invest directly in something that has no proper supporting documents. I always consider investing through online platforms, which are legitimate. I follow this, to earn extra income to cover the expenses of my family, sitting at home, without losing much like in other brokers. This has worked for me to fetch more money.

I buy a lot of vintage books and I use it on them as well. I have never had the vinegar damage the covers at all. But again, this is not scientifically tested!

How do you clean your books? Got any good tips for me?
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