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Feed Me Books Friday: Put me in the Zoo!

Janna from The Adventures in Motherhood has allowed me to host Feed Me Books Friday this week. If you are not familiar with this weekly link-up, head over to her site to read more about it! Next week’s optional theme is Books You Can Sing Aloud i.e. Old MacDonald!)
Put me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire is a favorite book of mine from childhood that Juliet also loves to read with me. It’s one of those books we never seem to get tired of.
I had some red sticky back felt left over from another project that I thought would be great for making some spots for Juliet to wear one afternoon.
I just traced some circles on the back and cut them out. ( I found this felt at walmart–in the craft section.)
At one point in the book, “Spot” transfers his spots to the children. I thought we could pretend that part together.
Juliet was more than excited to place spots all over herself “just like the book!”
It was easy and fun, but here’s what I didn’t think about: the adhesive. It’s not really meant to be removable. In fact, I think the point of this felt is so that you don’t have to sew it onto projects, you can just stick it on. So….it was pretty darn sticky.
Bad news for Juliet’s right arm (do you see that we placed one there?!)

I was afraid we would have a hard time pulling it off, (Have you removed a bandaid from a three-year-old lately? BABY TORTURE.) but it turned out to come off without any pain.There is a quote that we can say, “No pain, no gain”. It applies to every walk of our life. Financial walk too can never give you gains without any pain. Trading is one that fits this bill; you can never win completely without losing some. Click here to find out about one of the best binary trading platforms, that reduces your percent of pain, and increases gain.

It came off the clothes, too, but left behind a lot of residue. Fortunately, I washed the clothes once and that took care of it–so no harm done, after all!
However, I would warn you to NOT do this activity while your child is wearing his or her nicest outfits. Make sure they are wearing something old, preferably cotton. That’s what Juliet was wearing and I was able to wash all the residue off very easily.
So, now it’s your turn! What books do you have to share with us today? Link up below and let us know! I can’t wait to see what you are reading! (Any post about a book or books is welcome!)
abc button

easter bunny-inspired hair accessories

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With all the bunny excitement in our house lately, I decided to make some fun bunny-ish hair-ties for Juliet. We do a lot of ponytails around here, so I thought these would be fun to wear this week.
I just hot glued two ribbon loops to the back of a button and then glued an elastic on top of the ribbon. I don’t have a picture of the next step, but it’s pretty important. I cut a round piece of felt to place over the elastic and glued it in place. This helps keep the elastic attached to the button!
If you missed our list of favorite bunny books, check them out!
And if anyone makes any of these bunny hair-ties, I’d love for you to upload a pic to the Silly Eagle Books fan page on Facebook! I’d like to showcase some of your pics in upcoming posts! Not a fan yet? It’s easy–just click on the button in the right hand column of my sidebar!

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easy bottle cap easter bunny craft for preschoolers

I love a good recycle box craft and this one is really easy. Using our stash of juice bottle lids, we made some fun easter bunnies to hang on our fridge.The forex robots that are available in market are used for trading and the recent robots that are getting launched in the market are mostly automated forex software which are highly sophisticated and the best robot or software that I would recommend is HBswiss which was created by Hans Berger along with associates and his childhood friend named Bastian Hermann which lead to very successful by adding advanced technology system named virtual Deus ex Machina. The first 10 member signing in will have an advantage to access robot freely in every 24 hours. The rate of success using this forex robot is more than 87%.

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You need a small and a large cap, a puffball for the tail, paper ears, a googly eye, and a sequin and some whiskers.
Wondering where I got the whiskers? Just snipped a few strands off a kitchen scrub brush and glued them on. (While Juliet was able to glue all the bigger pieces, these whiskers were really tiny and hard for me to hold even, so I glued those on for her.)
I even got in on the fun and made one, too. We used some of our easy to peel foam letter stickers to spell our “bunny” and “rabbit.” Words of the week. After they dried, I applied some magnetic tape to the back and we hung them on the fridge!
The Bunny Book by Richard Scarry
Nobody does bunnies better than Richard and Patricia Scarry–I love their illustrations! This is a favorite of ours from our home library. It’s better suited for 1 to 2 year olds, but we still like reading it together from time to time.
Do you have any favorite bunny books to share?
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st. patrick’s day activity and books for preschoolers

Here’s a matching game I put together for Juliet fairly easily. I printed out the shamrock pattern match game, glued one set to the inside of an old game box and put the other set in a “pot of gold.” She had fun matching up the patterns. If you didn’t want to print the shamrocks out, you could make your own using scrapbook paper and a shamrock pattern.

I asked my friend lovely and talented Irish friend Megan @ When I Grow Up for some St. Patrick’s Day book suggestions and she recommended these from her own collection:


ABCs of Ireland cloth book
I love this for a baby! Cloth books are perfect for infants and this one is so detailed and beautiful.
St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning by Eve Bunting

I looked for this one at our library and they do have it, but it was checked out! I’ll have to wait till it gets returned.Waiting for something, expecting it to be positive is one of the hardest times that we have known. Just like waiting at the gambling table, hoping to win! Even the trading is something similar; booking profits is something that we all love to get.

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I do love Eve Bunting, so I know it is probably one we’ll enjoy.

Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola
Though, not recommended by Megan, this is a book that I hoped to find as well, but our library system doesn’t have a copy at all. Maybe next year, we’ll get lucky.
And finally, a craft that I will be reusing for St. Patrick’s Day! Remember our felt flags of the world? We made an Irish flag, so it’s hanging proud this week!
What St. Patrick’s Day activities or books are you enjoying this week? Find more ideas at Fanstastic Find and the Leprechaun Linky Party at Creative and Curious Kids and ABC and 123!

craft: felt flags of the world

I picked up a book called Rand McNally I Know About Flags several months ago thinking it would be good for Juliet in a few years. She surprised me by being really interested in it already.
I Know About Flags
 Ben has been reading it with her in the evenings and we’ve discovered that she has just absorbed the information–she’s started calling out the names of flags whenever she sees them like, ‘Hey! There’s the Canadian flag!”

If you look inside, you can see how appealing it is–bright, colorful, and accessible to young children.

The book is only meant to serve as an introduction to the concept of flags, so it does not contain ALL the flags of the world. (Yours might not be in there!) Some are state flags, some pages are dedicated to sports teams’ flags, nautical flags, etc.The trades get generated by the robotic trading software in a unique format. This format uses binary coding where the software starts to give trading signals.This website lets you know that how the predictions for the trade movement are given. This is done to know if the price of the asset is likely to rise or fall in the future.

But the majority of it features country flags. We don’t always read the text, mostly we just point out the flags and talk about each.

(You can make all the flags in the first picture by using just these shapes!)
I wanted to make a set of felt flags for Juliet to play with and to decorate our home with (all the Valentines stuff is packed away!) In my mind, I dreamed of making all the flags of countries we know people living in and ones we have visited or read about.
But then the reality of it hit me and I realized I do not have the time nor the talent to make every flag. My skill level forces me to make only the simplest flags that can be made from these shapes. (above) I came to this sad conclusion after trying unsuccessfully to space out 13 stripes for an American flag–Betsy Ross, I am not. And I did not even want to start with 50 stars…
Here’s what I mean. One large rectangle. Two small rectangles. Glue.
After cutting the basic shapes and glueing them together, I got Juliet involved. She rolled out the black ribbon and helped me glue each flag onto it. (If your child is old enough to cut with sharp scissors, this would be a fun project for him to do on his own. If your child is three…well, you’re stuck with the fun.)
If you are more meticulous and less hasty (as my husband would say), then yours will undoubtedly turn out more neat and beautiful than mine. (Sorry for the crooked cross, Switzerland!) One thing I did not think of when gluing the flags onto the ribbon was which way they should be hung. I have a feeling that French flag is upside down…(again, my deepest apologies to anyone’s flag I have butchered!)
Oh, I should mention, that I did make one exception and cut out a quasi-maple leaf shape in order to make the Canadian flag. I figured I couldn’t leave it out since it is the host country for the winter games this year!
Here are some great resources I used while making this project:


Printable World Flags from A to Z
This site has a nice list of all the flags in alphabetical order. I just clicked through and found ones with rectangles and circles that I could copy. You could print the flags instead of making them out of felt or paper, but I didn’t want to use up that much ink.


Coloring Book of Flags: Black and White Printable Images
This site is awesome! You can print out 3 different sizes for each flag–small, medium, or large. Then you can use them as a coloring sheet or as a pattern if you want to get fancy with your felt flags. If I wanted to make a more complicated one, I could have printed it out and cut it into pieces to use as a template.
I cannot end this post before mentioning this AMAZING post at Playing by the Book on flags. She and her daughters did the most fun project together with nautical flags. (I think I have mentioned this before, but really, it’s awesome and you should check it out.)

Do you have any good flag books or projects to share?

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kids craft: make your own olympic medals

With all the Olympic buzz in our house, Juliet and I decided to make some medals both for ourselves and for some of her dolls.  This was cheap, easy, and fun.
We started with three large plastic bottle caps (juice caps), a bowl of glue, and some glitter (conveniently, we had gold, silver, and bronze!)
Juliet dipped the caps in glue,
Then sprinkled ONE METRIC TON of glitter onto each.
She repeated the process with these three pasta lid tops. (The first round of plastic caps were the doll ones and these fancy metal ones were for us!)
We let them dry on a piece of wax paper. And after a few hours of dry time, I sprayed the with hairspray to seal in the glitter. (If you normally shy away from glitter, the hairspray really worked! It sealed it well and we have had minimal glitter transfer.)

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Juliet chose the bronze one as the one she wanted to wear (She has no idea what the colors mean and I didn’t have the heart to tell her. She still thinks that everyone wins a race. She’ll find out one day.)

Here’s a close up of our three medals. I think they turned out kind of pretty and the bronze really is the most stylish. My girl has good taste.
And here’s a doll rockin’ the silver.
The Berenstain Bears and the Big Road Race (First Time Books(R))


Two books that feature races and winners that we love to read are The Berenstain Bears and The Big Road Race and
Bicycle Race
Bicycle Race by Donald Crews. Juliet even made a reference to this book while we were watching speed skating the other day. She mentioned “number 9” as she was cheering. (Number 9 wins the race in this book.)
Do you have any favorite race or sports books? Leave a comment and let me know!

my heart is like a zoo inspired valentines

My Heart Is Like a Zoo

Happy Valentines Day! I just wanted to share ONE LAST Valentines craft with you. I just discovered a wonderful book blog called Little Page Turners.

Christianne is the mother of two girls and is also into making book-inspired valentines.

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I just had to share this link to her Wild Hearts post which features paper valentines she made inspired by the book My Heart is Like a Zoo.

They are incredible! Definitely one you’ll want to bookmark for next year.

easy fish valentine to make with preschoolers

Here’s a really easy and fun valentine craft you can make with your preschooler! Cut out four hearts–one large one for the body, one for the tail, one for the fin, and one for the lips. Let your child glue the pieces together and then add a googly eye!
If you want to add some pizazz, throw on some shiny heart-shaped confetti for scales.


Then give it to your favorite fish-loving friend.

This craft was inspired by an illustration from the book Valentines Day by Brenda Haugen, Illustrated by Todd Ouren.

My Heart Is Like a Zoo

However, after making this craft a few days ago, I discovered another book to go along with it!  It’s called My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall. I ran across this book at a Barnes and Noble in their Valentine’s Day section.

It’s a cute book, but the thing I like most about it is the illustrations. Each animal is made almost entirely out of hearts! You can see the how this was done with the lion on the cover. Surprisingly, there is not a heart fish in this book,

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but the concept is the same. It would be really fun to recreate some of the other animals featured in the book. (Especially, for the next time I find myself confined to my kitchen for 5 hours!)

Do you have any fun Valentine’s Day crafts or books to share?

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handprint heart keepsake

I saw this idea in a local parent magazine and thought Juliet and I would give it a try.

Start by folding a piece of paper in half. Then place your child’s hand with the thumb and pointer finger slightly overlapping the folded edge.Click here for more info to know how you can trade using the auto trading software without being in front of your computer.  When you are trading manually in the market then if you are an intraday trader then you will need to continuously sit in front of the laptop to take the trade or monitor them. You will also have to sell the trade when your target price is reached. However when you trade using the robotic trading software then all these steps is done for you by the trading software itself.


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The section in between the thumb and the pointer finger will become the heart–can you see how it is forming one half of the heart shape? It took me a few tries to get her fingers positioned into the most attractive heart-shape.


Trace her hand and you will have something like this to cut out. (This is one of the earlier jaggedy-edged hearts!) I finally figured out that I should just shape the heart edge with my scissors even if I didn’t trace her hand that perfectly.


Here’s what it looks like when you open it up!


She only let me do three rounds of tracing, but it turns out one would have been enough. I just used one of the cutouts as a pattern and cut several more while she decorated her hands with love messages to her grandparents.
I made the colorful one out of scrapbook paper pictured above as a keepsake for myself!
If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check out the handprint swans for February at Handprint and Footprint Art–she has tons of great ideas and instructions for making your own calendar with your child’s handprints. I think this would be such a great grandparent Christmas gift idea.
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how to incorporate music into your child’s daily routine

Last week, I shared a GIANT list of 100+ songs to sing with your child(and the books to go along with them). Today, I thought I would give some tips on how to incorporate these and other songs into your child’s daily routine by sharing how Juliet and I do it. Hopefully, this will give you a good place to start and allow you to customize it and make it work successfully for your own family.

How do I choose the songs?

With such a huge list, where do you start? I recommend starting with what you love.

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Did any of the songs on the list jump out to you? Did you think, “Hey! I haven’t thought of that song in years!” or “I loved that song as a child!” Go with those! Your enthusiasm for the song will go a long way in getting your child exciting to sing it, too. (And it doesn’t hurt that you already know the tune!)

For me, I jumped at the chance to sing the California Gold Rush song Sweet Betsy from PikeToora, Loora, Loora,  and the Red River Valley because I remember my dad singing them to me as a little girl.
{Click on any song title in this post to hear them sung on YouTube.}

After you’ve checked out and enjoyed a few familiar tunes, take a risk and choose one you don’t already know. I have been overwhelmed at how many beautiful songs I have gone my entire life without ever hearing! Two that we experienced, learned, and fell in love with together are Froggy Went a Courtin, and All the Pretty Little Horses(I know! How did I miss that one?) We loved Froggy Went a Courtin’ so much that we added the book illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky to our home library. The illustrations are just incredible.

Once you’ve picked a few new ones out, it’s time to figure out the tune! All of the books on my list have the actual music somewhere in the book. If you play an instrument, you can pick out the tune. (I did this on the piano for a lot of the lullabies in Lullabies an Illustrated Songbook.

Don’t worry if you can’t play the piano! YouTube is the perfect resource for learning the tune to almost any song. You might find some odd versions and videos out there, but at the very least you can pick up the tune.

How do I use the songs?

The easiest way to incorporate these songs is just to add the books to your book pile. Do you usually read books together before bed? Try singing a few together during that time. Maybe start with a song and end with a song or alternate between a regular story book and a song book.

As you get more comfortable with this, consider setting aside a special “singing time” that you take part in everyday just as you have a special reading time. For us, it’s right after Juliet takes her bath. She gets out of the tub, gets her pajamas on and we sit down in the hallway and sing through a few songbooks. It’s easy to do because we’ve attached our singing time to something we do together everyday– getting ready for bed–but you could make yours at whatever time works for you. Maybe you are morning people and like to start the day with a few songs? Or maybe right before nap time is a good time to snuggle up and sing together.

Sounds great, but one little problem. I can’t sing!

First of all, let me assure you that I cannot sing either. I have never been and never will be asked to sing in public. But the great thing about singing with kids is that they don’t care at all about how good or how bad your voice is! They just love that you sing. I’m serious. Is you kid around? Burst out singing Skip to My Lou at the top of your lungs and see what they do. I guarantee that after the initial shock wears off, they will be jumping around, clapping and singing with you in less than 10 seconds.

We’ve learned that the more we sing together, the more these songs stick in our memories. By intentionally making time for music in our routine, we’ve discovered that we break out in spontaneous song more and more throughout the day and have even found ourselves making up songs of our own.

If you take the time to plant the seed of music in your child’s heart, it will send down roots, and begin to grow. In no time at all, you’ll get the privilege of hearing a tiny, little voice floating up from the backseat singing something like, “O, give me a home! Where the buffalo roam! And the deer and the antelope play!” and asking questions like, “Why does your Bonnie lie over the ocean, mommy, why?”

So, which songs are you going to choose? I’d love to hear about the songs you love and any suggestions you have for ones we don’t have on our list!

I’m linking up to Works for Me Wednesday–head over to We Are That Family for more great tips!