Have good are you in extending brokering services? Your operation may be based on a trading robot as well. Working online and dealing with assets, there should not be a loophole for bad credits. Do not worry that your road to proceed has limited bifurcations as a High-Risk merchant. We show you the maximum number of options to select the channel for handling cash flow. We understand the risk of working in association with the Forex market and also the expectations your customers have on you.

Proceed to accept the transactions in the form of:

  • Debit card payments, both domestic and international
  • Credit card transactions with a specific time for processing
  • Checks from domestic or international firms that allow transfer and exchange of fund or receipts.
  • Gift cards in the form of legally abiding assets or documents
  • Loyalty cards from identified and registered sources

A payment processor, but also a financial advisor

  • A major share of your operation takes place in the online world and cyber frauds should be kept at bay. Our processor guides you in secured methods to avoid being a victim of fraudulent practices and also assure your customers of safe payment channels.
  • A trading robot is designed to give appreciable accuracy and output, but how far does it meet the trader goals determines the success of your business. We can show you the ways to reduce chargebacks from our side, irrespective of your past ratios. Get a chargeback shield at no extra fees.
  • Equip for accepting recurring payments being drawn on a fixed rate at a rate calculated on monthly, semi-annually or annually basis.
  • Do not worry about the history of bad credits. It is a learning process, but you should know the solutions to tackle bad credits in the future. We make an accurate report and here are the findings on the future viability of your business before you.
  • Trading markets run on multiple currencies and it should not pose a problem for you to handle them with our processor.
  • You decide the rolling reserve ration and we work on optimizing it to suit our working expenses and risk reduction.
  • Flexible contract tenure is another attractive facility offered by us according to which, you can end the tenure after any number of months without paying early tenure penalties.

Legal and financial paperwork can never be omitted while proceeding with a High-Risk card processor, but flexible assistance and encouragement are what we offer to cut down on the risk.