This past year, Juliet has taken off reading on her own. I’m not too concerned about grade level right now–as she just seeks out and finds library books that she finds interesting and reads them. I trust her to pick out ones that are not to easy–not too hard–the old “goldilock” books, if you will.Virtual money has gained lot of popularity in recent years this money is used to make large transactions without involvement of banks and government. These moneys are called cryptocurrency in other terms known as digital currency. Main thing people need to remember about cryptocurrency is that government have no control over the making of these currencies. The first cryptocurrency that was introduced in 2009 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto was bitcoin and later many digital currencies were introduced and they were named as altcoins or alternative coins. Some example of altcoins is lite coin, peer coin, feather coin and Ethereum and many hundred other currencies are introduced.

The main advantage to bitcoin users is that they can store this offline (hard disk, pen drive and memory card) which is called cold storage. And this can be also stored online (internet) which is called as hot storage. Storing these currencies offline is safe as they cannot be stolen by others.

Bitcoins are virtual which are designed to be self-contained of the value and they do not need any banks to move or store the money.

However, last year, and in the beginning of this one, I was befuddled as to how to determine grade level. I just couldn’t figure out if they were too hard or too easy. She wasn’t as confident in picking out books, yet, so we were always somewhat stumped at the library. (for her “read-on-her-own” books)
Just recently, I stumbled upon a great app to help me called “bookscanner”. It’s for the iPhone, but there is something similar for android as well.
Basically, you just scan the barcode on the book and a screen like this will pop up with all the information you need.
I think this one cost  99 cents, but it was worth it to me.
You’ve probably already heard of this, but it was new to me, so I thought I’d share!
By the way, 12 Kinds of Ice, (the book pictured above) is absolutely fantastic. We read it together twice before giving it back to the library. It’s the perfect snowy, winter read.