Found this gem at the goodwill recently. We have quite  a few animal books already, but I bought this for the illustrations.

It’s simply fantastic.Starting from the cover, which depicts diverse animals and birds in what seems to be handpainted illustration, the book has knowledge on each page. By looking at the cover, one will say that it is especially for kids. But I find it equally informative for we adults too.

The book mentions the division in animal kingdom without creating any kind of confusion. The explanation of classification itself shows how simple science can be if we understand the basic concepts. The classification chart has left an imprint in my mind and I am sure that my kid will also keep that picture in mind for a long time in his academic life.

The descriptions of animals follow up the pyramid, starting from the simplest animal to the top order in the food chain. in this way, it becomes easy for the kid to relate to evolution and how structural and functional organization go up the ladder. For example, it is difficult to remember the organisms with three-chambered heart and four-chambered heart and where the exact transition takes place. Whereas, if we go up the hierarchy, we can understand the increase in complexity from reptiles to mammals.


Each animal is explained with schematic and colorful diagrams which do not stand out because of their complex drawing, but because of the way the features are highlighted to have a longlasting place in the reader’s memory.

Take an exercise, for example. It shows the picture of a coniferous tree with some of the branches occupied by the images of some animals, whereas empty circles are left in other branches. The completion of this question creates curiosity and information in the mind of the kids. They become capable of answering any type of question which can arise from this classification and differential arrangement of the animals.


There are references given at the end of each chapter, which is particularly useful for the teachers who would like to confirm the authenticity of the science in the book. If you want details of the contents and chapters of this book, you can discover more here in the link

The Animal Kingdom: An Introduction To The Major Groups of Animals
Now that I’ve found this one, I’m on the hunt for this: The Giant Golden Book of Biology:  An Introduction to the Science of Life
Who knows? maybe I’ll get lucky! 🙂