We moved into our new home two days before thanksgiving and have been busy unpacking all the boxes.

Today’s task is organizing our kids book collection, which after having packed it up and moved it, is seeming a bit monstrous and ridiculous. (In size !)
Where in the world did we keep these in our old house?

I’m trying to organize and purge a bit today. I’ll post pictures on the progress– I’m trying out color organization– we’ll see how that goes.When I started the arranging process, I am finding the color arrangement inconvenient. The first thing is that these are not baby books, but children’s books. Most of them have multi-color illustrations and single-colored books are a few. Which means I have to find another way to arrange them. Also, I think when my kids are hurrying through the books arranged based on color, the may not remember the exact color of the book they want. I do not want them to freak me for making them pick each book one by one till they found out their specific one.

I am not planning to let go off the baby books, for they are so cute and remind me of my kid’s adorable cuddly days. I readily arranged them on the basis of color, with the multi-colored ones into a separate section. Rewinding through these books will probably be done by me rather than my children.

When I briefed through the remaining huge section of books, I discovered that the subjects they talked about were so diverse that I should focus more on the topic rather than on color. For example, if my son has a project in geography or wants to collect more info on a topic, he won’t be frantically searching all the books based on color, but based on their topic in the title.

I divided the books on the basis of the main genre and pasted the genre name on the shelf. Under each genre, I kept the respective books based on their size and simultaneously wrote down their names on a long paper with an order number. The paper will be pasted on the side of each shelf rack.

Now, the kids can easily go to the concerned section, go through the order list and take out the book they want within seconds. Once they are done with that book, it can be replaced to the same spot effortlessly. In this way, I will be saving time, space, cleaning and maintenance effort and adding convenience and library atmosphere at the same time.

Hope you are all healthy and well!
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