Well, I’m ready to admit I have a bit of a book problem…

I did arrange the kids books by color and am waiting to see how that plays out in real life.
I got rid of two boxes worth of books (mostly baby books–*sniff *) but it was a  necessary step on order to move forward, right? 🙂

You should know that this is just our fiction collection…. Will attack the nonfiction another day. I’ll not be color blocking those– I arrange them by topic!

The initial pile of books was so huge that thinking about a proper system to arrange was not my priority. My main focus was on shortlisting and removing the old books and baby stuff that are no longer useful for my school-goers. Maybe, these books can become handy for some crafts work, but then I always have the option of the internet and stationary shops. So, why to fill up my cupboard now and create more things for commotion?


Colour was the easiest and most noticeable feature to pick when I was doing the double task of sorting and clearing the book pile. So I arranged them on the basis of color for the first-hand cleaning. Once I was done with the clutter-clearing part, I realized that the shelf does look cleaner now, but picking a specific book from it involves some amount of hard work and time.

Unless we use any book for multiple times or the book has a very distinguishable feature, it is not practical to remember the color of the book. Also, some books come in sets of different volumes which are same in color, size and cover pattern. Sometimes, only the title or the tagline change.

I should find another way to organize them, may be based on the alphabetical order of the author names or the title of the book. Or there might be another way to do it like the regular libraries do. Divide the books based on their genre. Yes, they are all kids’ books, but some are science books, some fantasies, some are mysteries or picture books and activity books. I think that can ease the task of book arranging and book selection.


If I had started arranging the shelf from the time I developed the habit of buying books, like I sort articles in my laptop while downloading from this website, it would have been very easy to arrange them according to the time of their purchase.