There’s a free table at the girl’s school where parents put things that they want to get rid of. Last week, I found this gorgeous old biology book. I was mostly intrigued by the cover art–looks like a book I’d like to display front-facing somewhere in my home.

However, the inside has a great transparent frog anatomy and human anatomy section which is very intriguing to Juliet. So it’s good on the inside and outside–win/win!The cover picture looks like hand-painted with a glimpse of the biological diversity of earth and gives the impression that this is for children. The content inside also tells the same, especially for the simplicity of language, an illustration of practical examples and easy to follow, but scientifically accurate and attractive diagrams. Frog and human anatomies are just some examples of the amazing content the book is holding.

It was as if I found a gem, which although was meant for children but is capable of infusing biology into my rusted brain. I would recommend this book to all those elders who have left behind science or those who are struggling to clarify their school-goer’s doubtful minds.

I should say, I was pretty impressed by this practical guide. The scientific facts are so updated that I think the editors and writers have this book in mind always when they come across new discoveries in biological science.

There are data mentioned in the book which have been a credit to real research articles published in authentic journals with high impact factors. I found a feature particularly interesting in the book. After every chapter, there is a table of quick shots, in which amazing facts about the biological forms are given. A single reading is enough for the children to memorize it. Every chapter concludes with an exercise which also has questions based on diagrams, testing both the memory and the knowledge of the readers.

Towards the final portion of the book, the publishers have included some model question papers and their keys. In my opinion, if your child is able to crack these question papers, then it means that your child is thorough with the basics in biology.

Yes, I got the book accidentally on the free table, but you need not go here in search of such a table in your child’s school.

I found a few copies of this book for sale on amazon if you are interested: Modern Biology
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