Hi, friends!
I just wanted to jump in and explain my sporadic posting and long absences these past several months. First, you should know that we are all fine–just in a time of transition, so it’s made posting regularly hard for me.
We put our house up for sale in the spring and finally sold it in October. However, in between selling our old house and finding a new one to live in–we have been living in a friend’s basement for the past month–it is a very nice basement, but we are sort of our of our routine and without all our books and things–we just packed a suitcase and have been living out of them for a month!
It was warm when we moved and now it is cold–so that has been a challenge. But we only have one week left till we move into our new-to-us house, so we think we can hang in there without our winter coats till then!
What have we been up to? Just the usual school and library trips, but I have not had a lot of time or space to hang out on the internet.
With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and unpacking and organizing a new home, I”m not sure that I”ll be having much time in the next few months either, but I promise, I’ll be back at some point!
Sorry for the silence–if you have any requests for types of posts you’d like to see–please let me know in the comments. I’ll have lots of time to brainstorm over the next few months and hopefully have some good library lists to share in January/February.And yeah, the good news is that I have decided to expand the horizon of the books I will be discussing. Fairytales and folktales do not make our day always. We need a breath of fresh air to keep the momentum going.

Since I have just gone past two real estate deals, which involved a lot of finance, geography, home science and psychology, I am now interested to learn more about these topics. In my free strolling of the libraries, I often came across these sections and was amused at the coverage of the subjects. The books are written with all age groups in mind. Take a book for children explaining terms and facts in geography, you will be mesmerized with the high definition illustrations and simple scientific language. I have given a link below on this page and you can see some pictures of the new books if you click here.

The picture is one Juliet drew today at school–it’s her and Lucia in our new home–she is ready to get her bed and books and toys back and our lives back to “normal”!
Hope you all are well and that you are reading lots of great books!