We went to Russia last week. Here are the books that took us there:

Babushka: An Old Russian Folktale

The Little Snowgirl

AT THE WISH OF A FISH: A Russian Folktale

Russian Girl: Life in an Old Russian Town


I have the tendency to check out 15 books for these lessons, but I find that we never get to them all. This number (4) was just perfect. We read all of them and enjoyed them all. I noticed that there are so many Russian folktales out there in the children’s book world, so your library may have others that are worth reading as well.The library is so massive and you will find books wherever you look. Finding a particular book or even a book belonging to a specific genre will take ages in this way. That is why the librarian is a separate job and is a very responsible one. The books are systematically arranged into sections, with labels on the shelf specifying the genre to which that section of books belongs. For example, you will see a mystery section, a children’s book section, sci-fi, general knowledge, business etc.

Even within the children’s section, further divisions can be seen in this library, like fantasies, fairy tales, picture books, poetry, folktales from around the world etc. From here, I came across the Russian folktale books, arranged in the alphabetical order. Each book seemed so interesting from their covers and content list, but I could not lend all of them. The membership limited the number of books you can take home at a time. So, I had to stringently choose among them.

I imagined the favorite topics for the reading of each of the family members who will be going through these books. They may be meant for children, but we adults do not miss a chance to at least make a quick, rough reading whenever we can sneak some time. In addition to that, I had made a habit of reading any article first, before giving it to my child, so that I can ensure the appropriateness and language level of the content in it.


We made honey cookies and they turned out delicious. They have cinnamon and cloves in them, so Juliet said they “smelled like Christmas.”
Baking is not my strength, but these were easy and fun for the kids.