My Lucia is just getting a year older. It is a time to celebrate and rejoice for all of us, no element of doubt in it. However, with every upcoming birthday of Lucia, I become face-to-face with the biggest challenge to please a princess. Yes, I am the one who is always given and ideally, should be given the responsibility of bringing up new themes and ideas every year. No idea should be repeated, and no idea should be copied from the birthday parties of her friends. After all, the main aim is to make her day the most special and memorable. She should feel like a real princess amongst her friends.

I should say, the most versatile and the most resourceful birthday themes come from our fairy tales, and this time our very old Cinderella came to my rescue. The dress, the crown, the royal jewelry, all are well-known like an official website content and can be arranged very easily. So, I was not really concerned about all those. Actually, these items found their place towards the end of my to-do list.

There was one thing which required special attention, and that was a characteristic and most unique pair of shoes for my Lucia. An innovation struck me. I am now planning to make a game around these shoes, resembling the original fairy tale. I know my daughter’s feet size and with that, I will make her a special pair, hide the shoes among the big crowd of shoes belonging to the guests.

Finding the pair among the heap will be a surprise game and also a cute gift to her. The topmost priority in the list was something else, the carriage for Cinderella. Lucia is to make a grand entry into the celebration venue in that carriage or at least imagined to be so. The shape is of course, a pumpkin, even though made of thick paperboard. And that was my plan too. I collected good quality white paperboards and sharp pencils for making the pumpkin shape.

I began work on the Cinderella’s carriage for Lucia’s upcoming birthday party….
So far, I have a pumpkin shape with a window. We’ll see if I can actually get it to stay on the wagon….
Hope you are having a good week! I”ll update more on our party as we go along!
(Notice the kitchen knife? I don’t think it will ever be the same after this….)