Have you been cheated by any trading broker? Have you lost money by improper means while trying to trade through an online robot? I have recently seen an aspiring trader complaining about money getting deducted from his account when he had just tried a demo account.

The trading software claims to give free demo accounts all over before becoming their client. However, the fact is that either the trader is forced to register before starting a demo account or on the completion of the demo trade, he is compelled to trade all over again. This is similar to the marketing strategy of companies that force the client to repeat one or more deals in order to claim the offered discount in the first deal.

These frauds are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many reported cases where the software offers very high returns but blocks a part of the returns by giving one excuse or the other. The traders have no other option but to continue trading and let give off the blocked amount. It is online and it is software, what else can you do as a customer. There are customer services and complaint cells, but the follow-ups become so tiresome that you will get fed up soon and leave the issue.

We are taking charge of this cybercrime

A combined effort of experienced traders, cyber and legal experts, our company has the motto of bringing into the limelight the fraudulence in the business of market trading which will not only drain the traders of their money but also tarnish the good image of the industry.

Once you have decided to start trading with a robot, the first thing you have to do is to go through the review of the software in our website, where expert compiles their opinion about all popular and lesser-known trading platforms like Qprofit system. You can also go through the names of blacklisted robots and those with doubtful claims.

If you have any complaints or suggestions, pass the message to us with your email id and the robot details. You are completely freed of the legal proceedings associated with the truthfulness of the complaint and subsequent actions.

Protect your ID and your identity, and we will protect your money and business. In return, you are just helping us to bring out the real scams and help your fellow traders in the process.

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