Sorry for my recent absence around here–we are pretty busy these days!

We are having fun planning a 3rd birthday party for Lucia. She has requested a cinderella party, so I am scouring the internet for cute ideas.

The name itself creates an atmosphere of cuteness in it as we imagine our little princess in a flowing gown. We knew her favorite color and the only effort here was to take her measurements for the silk, satin and net gown.

Her attires were next on the list, with the crown, chain, bracelets, anklets, and of course, the most adorable pair of shoes. She goes to the nursery now, which means we will have a huge guest list dominated by her friends. She will be hoping not only to make them happy with the celebration but also marvel at the beauty of the party including herself.

Once Lucia’s Cinderella was decided, we turned towards the decoration and the hosting place. The color of the decor was decided to match with her gown and the toys included the cutest and softest we could find from the stores. The lights were of pulpy luminescence and arranged around the decor.

Now came our biggest challenge! Cinderella’s wagon. It should definitely look cute, but at the same time safely and easily mobile and resemble the fairy tale wagon to the possible extent. The image in the storybook was completely imprinted in our mind, but that was not enough. We needed the techniques to keep it as original as it can.

We started our exploration of that one design which combines cuteness and uniqueness, for didn’t want Lucia to get concerned about repetition. The internet and the local stored opened before us a lot of options, but each had one issue or the other as a mismatch to the picture we had in our mind.

Finally, our luck hit us and we didn’t have to search for long. We got our catch like an ultimate ray of hope here.

Stumbled across this cute wagon from MiniWagons on Etsy. They have a lot of beautiful wagons and carriages in this Cinderella style.

We are using  a vintage disney CINDERELLA  book (the one I read as a kid) as our inspiration for the party because we love the colors and the kids are most familiar and fond of this version.

However, there are so many amazing other illustrated versions that would be fun to use as inspiration. I think  Marcia Brown’s Cinderella is also gorgeous and would be perfect for a party theme as well.

What are you up to? What are you reading?