How do you start the process of market trading? You may carry out some homework by reading about the options, the decisions, the assets, the risk factor and profit achievable. Then you will decide the market where you will be trading and the assets. You may stick to currency trading alone or commodity trading, invest in stocks or bonds or an equity fund. Some of you might opt for the unconventional paths by trading on exotic options or digital money like Bitcoin.


How do you plan to make the first move: independently, through a retail broker or with the help of a friend or family? Whichever be the plan, the strategies differ in each and so does the approach. If your decision is to foray into the market independently, then there is a high probability that you will be using an online trading algorithm. Now, the success factor here depends on the right selection of the robot. For this, you may carry out a thorough research, visit different trading blogs, websites, and reviews and even try out the demo accounts.


A comprehensive trading site


For all these steps, you might have wandered from site to site, book to book, clicking every related link and gathering as many tricks as you can to maximize your profit and minimize your risk. Then why not get all these facilities in a single place. We bring you the first of its kind, comprehensive site which covers anything related to market trading. The information we publish cover:

  • Background, data, trends, and features of all the major markets around the world.
  • Risks and profits of each asset with their popularity.
  • Reviews, history, performance chart and analysis of all the popular trading robots.
  • Contacts and profile of established retail brokers.
  • Current giants in the trading world, your likely competitors, and upcoming winners.
  • Trading concepts, terms, highlights and training materials.
  • New introductions, new rules, and modifications and legal status pertaining to market.
  • Interactive discussions, query and feedback communities.
  • Success tips from established newsmakers in the trading profession.



Apart from these key highlights, we also introduce a revolutionary feature on our website. The fast forward scan and trim facility. We know how precious your time is. A microsecond can take away a deal from you. You may already know about a software but stuck in completing the review. No need to thoroughly read the full review line by line, this new feature will highlight the key points and trim it just as per your requirement.