Whom do you trust more: a human or a machine made by humans? The answer varies from person to person. For some, nothing can replace the real-life performance and reliability of a human. Working with a human agent is more of an interactive nature rather than working with a machine or even a robot, which is more like a tape recorder. The robot takes in what we are feeding, which may be a voice, command or an automatic program, but rarely gives any interactive response.


For the rest, working with a robot is more preferred, because of the accuracy, speed and lesser time and effort required when compared with a human trading agent. A human broker might get overloaded sometimes when he has multiple clients to be taken care of at the same time, multiple markets, and very high number of diverse assets to check for. There is always a room for error, time lags or misinterpretations due to emotional and environmental influence. Whatever be the issues in both the cases, there are several advantages while taking the service of a human broker and an online trading robot.


How about a combination of both?


We decided to combine the advantages of using a human brain and an artificial brain into a single platform through which traders can reap benefits without suffering any of the problems with either of the trading methods.

By opting to take the help of our combo-platform, our traders are actually getting the service of our flawless automatic trading robot and our expert retail brokers. The robot has been designed by keeping in mind all the determining indicators and signal generators and the brokers have years of experience and exposure in different trade markets.


The trading platform we are offering cover the widest range of assets and the most accurate prediction models to reduce your risk considerably, far ahead of the competitors. You can get the list of assets in the full article about our services. Choose to trade using our online model in three modes:

  1. Fully automatic mode
  2. Retailer mode
  3. Combo-mode


In the fully automatic mode, you are guided by a super-robot, which gives you the best returns in the shortest time and minimum investment. When you select the retailer mode, an online retail broker will give you real-time assistance for trading in the market with the help of the live screen. In the third special mode, you trade through a specially designed automatic algorithm but monitored continuously by a human expert. Anywhere during the trading time, you can interact with the broker and proceed with dual support.


Extra service, with no additional charges.