Seven Chinese sisters

August 15, 2013

I have read this book 4 times today already. I'm pretty sure we will read it several more times because Lucia is obsessed with it. 

Did you ever read the The Five Chinese Brothers ? I remember my first grade librarian reading it to us and I loved it. This reminds me of a modern version of that (keep in mind that the last time I read it was in 1st grade, so I don't remember that much of it!) 

The Seven Chinese Sisters all have special talents and they make use of them against a terrible dragon who kidnaps the seventh sister (a baby!) I thought it might scare Lucia, but she loves it and begs me to read it again and again. 

We're studying China this week, so I have several other books to share with you once we read them (if we like them!) 

The illustrations are incredible beautiful--I hope your library has a copy!

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