thank you, Maria and Mateo!

June 10, 2013

The best thing about blogging is meeting all sorts of wonderful and amazing people that you never would have met otherwise.

Last week, I received a package all the way from Spain with these lovely books inside. A reader, Maria, had emailed me once or twice with questions about some English books. She asked if I could read Spanish--to which I replied "Very little!"

A little while later, and we got this.
Two beautiful books that she had carefully translated into English for me on yellow post-it notes! Thank you so much, Maria! I can get about half of the words, so your translation helped us enjoy the full meaning!
The girls loved getting the books and listening to them. At one point, Lucia did rip a few of the post it notes out, but I was able to return them to their rightful spots. :) 

Her son Mateo also drew some pictures and wrote a little note to each girl--really, it was just the sweetest thing and such a bright spot in our week. 

Thank you again, Maria! We love our new books!

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