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May 29, 2013

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 How has your summer been going? I've been a bit out of it with our usual schedule and routine gone for now. Yesterday, we started out painting in the backyard. That lasted all of ten minutes. I have no idea what happened in between, but around 4:30, I found myself sitting on the floor in the living room surrounded by a large amount of colored craft feathers.

We were not doing a craft.

In desperation, I had just opened a few bags of feathers and let the kids go nuts.

They were running around throwing them in the air and I knew we needed a little more structure back in our lives!

I saw these fun bingo games on today and thought they might be something fun to add to our game collection.

If Ocean and Bird Bingo don't sound like your thing, they have a lot of other ones--cat, dog, horse, space, weather, texas, nature, wildflowers--basically anything you can think of!

I've never seen these games before--do any of you have any of them? Do your kids like them?
This Paul Galdone collection also caught my eye. I collect his books, so I especially like these beautiful versions.
Hope your summer is going well and that you haven't found yourself covered in craft feathers yet!

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