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April 19, 2013

After reading some shell books, I had the girls go to our garden and gather up our shell collection. (It lives in the garden.) And they brought them inside, washed them off, and tried to identify them. 

Juliet really got into this and did a great job of classifying and identifying them. 

What Lives in a Shell? 

This is a great starter book for beginning a shell study. Both girls enjoyed reading this book.

Seashells by the Seashore

This story takes you on a journey down the beach as a little girl picks up shells along the way. We learned the names of many shells and are excited about our upcoming trip to the beach.

Okay, now for the book that just blew me away and I ended up ordering a copy for our personal library. It's an old book, so amazon doesn't have an image for me to share, but the link is below.
A First Look at Seashells 

This book is probably not for everyone, but it gave the most information about how to classify shells and what defining characteristics to look for to help you identify them. I love this approach and am fast falling in love with all the books in this series. I'll share more images in an upcoming post about this series.

Do you have any favorite shell books or shell projects to share?

Last year we saved our favorite shells as wall art.  I'm trying to think of something different for this year's collection. 

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