In the Belly of an Ox

April 29, 2013

 I really hope your library has this one! We discovered In the Belly of an Ox: The Unexpected Photographic Adventures of Richard and Cherry Kearton last week and just fell in love with the story.

If you've got a child who is really into nature or photography or both, this is an inspiring story.
 A true story of the first nature photographers--Richard and Cherry Kearton--the book details their adventures as they built blinds so they could get as close to their subjects as possible--mostly birds! When I saw this illustration of the ladder in the tree, I was skeptical, but in the back of the book they have their real photographs and there is an almost identical picture of them in a tree with a ladder!
You can also see the actual ox that they hollowed out to use as a blind when photographing birds. These two men were so innovative and resourceful--doing something that had never previously been done. They paved the way for all the nature photographers and books to come.

Juliet really enjoyed this story and so did I as I had never heard of these two before.

Have you read this or heard their story? What did you think? Makes me want to head out into the woods and photography some birds!

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