flight of the butterflies

April 1, 2013

Two weeks ago, we went to The Fernbank Museum in Atlanta to see the film Flight of the Butterflies. We didn't see it in 3D, but it was the IMAX version, so it was pretty incredible.

As I've mentioned before, Juliet is really interested in butterflies and we planted our own butterfly garden last spring. It was a huge success and we had so many butterfly visitors. We can't wait to get started this year--if the weather would ever turn warm!

The monarch migration is fascinating on its own, but the story of the man who dedicated his life to figuring out the mystery of the monarchs is just as wonderful. I loved watching this film and we all learned so much.

Through the movie's website, I found a link to Monarch Watch which offers a seed kit to get your yard set up for hosting Monarchs. I think we are going to do this soon. After leaving the theater, Juliet said, "Mom! We have to get some milkweed for our butterfly garden!"

There is helpful information on how to start your own butterfly garden or you can read our post about what we did here.

Oh, and if you are in Atlanta, Fernbank is a great place to take your kids! They have a huge indoor playground that is probably the coolest learning/playing space I've ever seen. (I had no idea--we just went because the butterfly move lured us there.)

We were lucky enough to find a used copy of this one at our local goodwill. The Travels of Monarch X imagines the journey of a tagged monarch. We had read this before the film, so Juliet already knew about tagging butterflies. However, we both learned about the process of how the tags were developed. It took a lot of time to get the adhesive right so that it would stick on the wings. The invention of the price tags in grocery stores made the butterfly tagging process possible! 

Although not about Monarchs, we also enjoyed learning about another butterfly visitor to our backyard garden in  Wings of Light: The Migration of the Yellow Butterfly.

Butterfly Count is another great one to read this spring.

Any good butterfly books to recommend to us?

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