We’ve been keeping a list of the birds we’ve seen in our backyard this winter and decided it would be fun to do an egg identification project.
We cut out eggs from water color paper and spent an afternoon researching the different eggs an then attempting to paint  them.
After they dried, we mounted them on some black construction paper and labeled them. These were then placed in Juliet’s bird notebook.

This is not all of the eggs, but you get the idea. I think our favorite part was painting the eggs. We used Birds, Nests and Eggs  and the internet to get images of the eggs we were looking for.Not all the eggs were different from each other. Some eggs differed from each other in colors and patterns whereas some differed in their sizes. Certain birds had nests strikingly distinguishable that in a second-long glance we can identify the species.

At times, we had difficulty in taking the real-life images of the eggs since the birds were not all leaving the nests, we can be blamed for the same.


Do you have a backyard, a garden or a courtyard? Throw some grains and make high-pitched sounds. Soon, your place will be swarmed with pigeons or crows. We were fortunate enough to see peacocks at times, but finding their nest still remains a mystery for us. Go by the characteristic voice of peacock and you can even find them high up in fig trees.


Your backyard may not have these birds or there may be no birds at all. Do not get disappointed, because birds are mobile and they can fly to reach wherever they want. You must be pretty aware of the fact that many species of birds fly thousands of miles every year as a part of their lifecycle, to deal with the changing seasons. We call them migratory birds. For more info, you can visit the local bird observatory at your place or even the internet, where you can find business life to personal life to business ideas to coupling ideas.


When these birds can cross seas and continents, you can surely cross-boundary walls and garden. Look at your neighbor’s garden or the birds pets in your locality. If you cannot find both, try to figure out the nearest park or zoo. I can assure you that you will be successful in finding as many birds as you need to paint your eggs with a little walk. The world is our home and sharing is a feature by which we humans sustain. Your neighbor will not hesitate to share you his garden or backyard so that you can watch the birds there.


You can even click real life pictures of the birds and use them for your eggs to get the real feel.