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February 6, 2013

Valentines Day is fast approaching, so I thought I should give you some reading suggestions. In years pasts, I've checked out specific Valentines day books and reviewed them--there are a lot of great ones! But since we've pretty much exhausted our library's stash of Valentines books, I thought I'd just give you some of our favorite love stories.

As an added bonus, these probably won't be checked out already if you are a little late in getting to the Valentines shelf!

Petunia's Christmas-- a goose love story. This might be my new favorite book. It's so cute. 

What to say to Clara--elementary school crush story. (so sweet!)

Chewy Louie--the things one will do (and endure) for the love of a puppy! (Just checked this out from the library and LOVED it.) 

For the Love of Autumn--If I could chose my love story, it would be this one. (The cat is the matchmaker! Yes, I am a crazy cat lady, so I love this one, but even if you are a dog person, I think you'll like it.)

How My Parents Learned to Eat--do your kids know how you fell in love? I love this story because it reminds me of my parents' own love story--they came from two different countries, but ended up together despite differences in language and culture. 

Do you have a favorite love story to recommend to us? Leave a comment--I'd love to hear!

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