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February 4, 2013

Just recently, Lucia has turned the corner and started to really enjoy sitting still and reading books with me. Up until about a month ago (she turned 2 in October), she really could only be bothered to sit for maybe about half a book before running away and dumping something out (for me to clean up) or knocking something off a shelf, and/or anything else that her 2 year-old rampage-running self deemed necessary.

I started this blog when Juliet was 2 and it was initially just a record of all the books we had discovered together and enjoyed. 

For the most part, I generally write about the books Juliet is enjoying, but now that Lucia is having some opinions, I thought I'd share some of her favorites in case there are those of you with 2 year olds as well. 

First up is one we found at the library: More! by Sheilagh Noble

I probably don't need to explain why a book entitled "More" is exceedingly appealing to a two-year-old. 

More! is basically the battle cry of all two-year-olds. So, yeah, she loved it. 

It has one or two words per page, but the illustrations tell the story quite well. I like that I can just sort of talk about what I see and not be subjected to reading the same text 25 times in a row--because I'm telling you, she does not tire of this one. It turns out you can never get enough of MORE. 


The phrase, "Push Me!" is also in this book, which is equally appealing and joy-inducing to her two year old self as "More!" 

I'm not sure what will happen when I return this to the library. Hopefully, she won't notice that it's gone. 

Do you have any 2 year old favorites to recommend for us? 

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