Rapunzel birthday party

January 21, 2013

Juliet celebrated her 6th birthday earlier this month. It has taken me quite a while to get this post up, but here it is, finally.

If you've followed my blog for the past several years, you know that Juliet has a history of asking for a party theme of which NO one has every posted on the internet. Meaning, I have no idea where to get ideas of how to make this thing happen. Last year, it was a doctor party. The year prior--a police party.

I am always scrambling about trying to find games and cupcake toppers and decorations, but we always end up making it all from scratch. Usually, it involves me covering a large box with contact paper and duct tape. (We made an ambulance one year and a police car for the other party.)

However, this year, the party gods smiled upon us and she asked for a Rapunzel party. A Tangled party to be exact, which is probably the most popular party on the internet. Thank goodness. All I had to do was do a quick Tangled party search and I found everything I needed in the way of ideas and more. (You can see my favorites on my pinterest party board.)

Not only that, but I walked right into walmart and found rapunzel plates, napkins, tablecloths, streamers, etc, so I didn't need to spend hours making anything.

It was all quite wonderful (and new!) for me.

She also already had a Rapunzel costume that she has worn for the past two Halloweens, so we didn't need to shop for any party clothes. During Thanksgiving break, she and her grandmother sewed up a costume for her favorite stuffed animal so that he could attend the party as Pascal.

I wasn't about to attempt a tower cake (although, there are so many beautiful ones out there to inspire you!) So, we did the old staple of pink cupcakes--which is what the birthday girl asked for anyways. We used her toy tower as a centerpiece (someone had given that to her as a gift last year, so again, it was an easy thing to set up.)

The kids started the party by painting on tiny canvases. We spread a giant table cloth on the kitchen floor and let them go at it. (All the little girls showed up in princess costumes as well and our one little boy showed up as a knight!)

After they finished painting, they made some bracelets with beads and pipe cleaners. You can see the crown I purchased from Pixie and Penelope on etsy. It was beautifully made and much better than anything I could have done myself.

The palace cat stood guard beside the Rapunzel tree (inspired by Melissa's many stick tree incarnations) We hung up two Rapunzel ornaments left over from the Christmas tree and strung some pink flowers through it. My idea was to have the guest write birthday wishes on hearts to hang on the tree, but in the end only the grandparents did it. Kindergarteners really aren't up to writing down wishes. Maybe in a few years...

Ben is the crafter of this "pin the flower on the braid" game. He is much better at intricate drawing tasks than I am. We found the idea from another Tangled party.

This lovely kingdom sun banner was a lucky kids sale find from the fall. We pounced on it and have been storing it for months for this day!

This giant yarn braid was also in the kids sale bag--I could never have had the patience to make one, but it was such a fun touch hanging there from the stairs! I was a bit afraid someone would try to climb it, but luckily, no one did. :) 

Juliet had a wonderful time and I was happy to not have to turn a box into a vehicle this year. :) If I were feeling extremely ambitious, I would have tried to set the party around the beautiful and  enchanting Rapunzel verison by Sarah Gibbs. 

Have you read it? See if your library has it--it is one of my favorites!

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