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January 25, 2013

We've started a bird unit around here, so you are in for quite a few bird posts in the upcoming weeks. 

I wanted to share this Folding Pocket Guide - Georgia Birds with you because it has been the perfect thing for us to carry around on our bird watching walks. 

It's very lightweight, laminated, and bright and colorful. So easy to look at when we are trying to figure out what kind of bird we are looking at. 

Also, it's just Georgia birds, so we don't have to worry about birds that aren't even here--makes things so much easier for us beginners!

Obviously, this is only useful for Georgia residents, but I did a search and found that they have various other guides for different states and even some for general areas such as "the southeast" or "the rocky mountains". You can search the  pocket naturalist guides to see if you can find your state. I saw Utah, Colorado, and Florida---I"m sure they have more than that, though. 

Do you have a favorite bird book to share with me? We have been busy checking out all the bird books we can find at the library, but I'd love to see if we can find your favorites, too. Fiction or nonfiction--we like them all!

You can read about other bird books and activities we love here. I also have a "for the birds" pinterest board here

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