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December 12, 2012

My budding botanist, Juliet, became aware of poinsettias this year and really wanted us to get a potted one for our home. However, with a cat that likes to munch on plants, that's a no-go for us. 

I told her we could try to make some out of paper, but then she saw some giant pipe cleaner ones hanging in the grocery store parking lot, and she wanted us to try to make those instead. 

We gave it a go and it turned out pretty well!

I'll tell you how we made them in a minute, but first let me share the books we found. 

Plants of Christmas has a good history of all the traditional Christmas plants. Mostly, I love this book for the gorgeous illustrations. 

We also found these two at the library. 

I prefer the illustrations in this version The Legend of the Poinsettia, but the story is essentially the same in The Gift of the Poinsettia + El Regalo De LA Flor De Nochebuena. As an added bonus, the story is told in both English and Spanish in the second book. 

If you want to make a few of these with your kids, you just need some Pipe Cleaners .We used the sparkly ones.

1. To begin, attach two red ones together to form one extra long piece. Then begin folding and bending petals. Basically, just work with it until you are happy with the way the petals look. We were able to get 6 petals.

2. To form the center of the flower, take one gold or yellow pipe cleaner and bend it into a spiral. Attach the end to one of the petals to hold it in place.

3. For the stem and leaf, attach a green to the end of one petal, and then bend the bottom up into a leaf. You could make more leaves out of more pipe cleaners, but we felt like one was good enough for us.

Juliet chose to curve her stem into a circle and wear hers as a bracelet. I stuck mine in the Christmas tree. ;)

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