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December 14, 2012

Juliet and I went to see our first Nutcracker ballet together this past weekend. It was amazing and she loved every minute of it.

Before going, we checked out all the Nutcracker books our library had to offer.

The Nutcracker 

Before, I share those, however, I want to share our favorite--which we've owned for several years. I think the year she was 3, Juliet fell in love with this version and she even wanted to name her little sister "Clara" because she loved this story so much.

The library had a few good ones, but none compare to our love of the Little Golden book version.

The Magic Nutcracker was an early reader option that we liked. Juliet was able to read the entire thing on her own, so that was the selling point on that one. Also, the illustrations were pretty. But if you want a storybook, I'd go with one with more complex text.

This Nutcracker was a little too much text for us. The illustrations are fantastic, but the story is very, very long--more like a chapter book and we didn't have the energy to read it together in one week. Also, it's a different version of the story (done by the Pacific Northwest Ballet and explained in further detail by Melissa here. ) Maybe next year, we'll start it in November!

Nutcracker Noel is the story of a little girl who performs in the Nutcracker. She wants to have a glamorous part, but ends up being cast as a tree. Eventually, she decides to be the best tree she can be and she is beautiful. This is a great one for little dancers.

Franklin's School Play
Hey, it's Franklin! Sometimes you just need a book like this to read before bed, right?  Franklin and friends put on their own performance of The Nutcracker.

The Nutcracker Ballet: A Book, Theater, and Paper Doll Fold-out Play Set We don't have this one, but it's on my list for things to get Juliet for Christmas. I think she'd really love it.

Do you have any favorite versions of this story to share? We'll put them on our list for next year!

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