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December 5, 2012

We've been having fun with our Truth in the Tinsel crafts this year! Today's ornament was Mary and the girls had such fun wrapping pieces of ribbon and pipe cleaners to fashion little dresses and headpieces on their clothespin dolls.

I wanted to show you a quick peek of all Juliet's ornaments from last year (well most of them--I think we are missing 3 due to them breaking, but most of them survived!) 

I think they look quite pretty all strung up on a line and Juliet has been very proud to run to the garland and bring us "the example" ornament so we know how to make this year's version. :) 

Last year, we didn't have clothespins, so we used popsicle sticks for the people ornaments. Luckily, I have some clothespins this year. The girls have been carrying their dolls around all day--Juliet has informed me that we are not packing this one away after Christmas because she would like to play with it all year. 

So, clothespin doll ornaments are a big hit! Which leads me to believe that a book like this (Clothespin Dolls ) would be a good buy for us.

Hope you are having a wonderful week! 

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