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November 5, 2012

Is it too early to start thinking about Christmas? I don't think so. I'm trying to get organized and going on all my shopping and crafting, so I can relax a bit once December actually gets here!

Did any of you join us in our Truth in the Tinsel adventure last year? My friend Amanda wrote the book and Juliet and I had the best time making all the crafts together and reading about the story of Christmas from the Bible. (We especially enjoyed making this glittery pink crown!)

After the holiday season was over, Amanda and I were talking about her book and she was trying to come up with ways to add to the book for this upcoming year. I mentioned that I loved all the different crafts, but there were moments when we were so busy that I wished we had something quick we could do with watercolors or marker--they didn't require much prep or cleanup. (Like the one we did on this day.)

I said that printables would give me people options to do the full-on crafts or just take it easy with a simple ornament.

She, being the wonderful friend that she is, listened to my request, and made some really, really cute printables! They are available now on her website if you want to get a head start! (You can also buy her book, if you haven't already.)

Honestly, they are so cute, I am very tempted to just do them all this year! With a two year old, watercolor is just the safest, least messy option for us on most days. We might even bust out some glitter glue, scented markers, or oil pastels to mix things up. 

I like the idea of printing these on card stock, cutting them out, and having them sitting at the little art table with the medium of the day for the kids when they wake up. Then I can string up their ornaments as a pretty garland in the kitchen or maybe on the bannister. So many possibilities!

What activities are you planning for Christmas this year? Anyone joining the us in the Truth in the Tinsel again? 

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