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October 1, 2012

Using Madeline as a starting point, we decided to "visit" Paris two weeks ago. Luckily for us, Paris is a much written about city in children's literature, so we had no trouble finding a huge pile of Paris reads from our library.

This is Paris
I have had this one on my list for awhile and was delighted with it. It was beautifully illustrated and full of just enough information--not too much, not too little. It was a perfect city guide for kids. Sadly, this is the only one in the series our library has--there are other "This is..." titles to explore if you are looking for another city.

A Giraffe Goes to Paris
This is the true story of a giraffe that traveled from Egypt to 1827. It was pretty incredible to imagine and beautifully illustrated as well.

Crepes by Suzette
This one inspired us to actually make crepes one morning--which was very fun. We set up the chalkboard easel and had "Crepes by Juliet". We found some French cafe music and had our own little cafe in the kitchen. Lots of fun.

Zat Cat! A Haute Couture Tail
This satisfied our kitty cat book needs (we need to read a cat book at least once a week--fellow crazy cat ladies, I know you feel me).

Anatole over Paris
We love Anatole and Anatole over Paris was fun as well. They get stranded on the top of the Eiffel tower and have to parachute down. You really can't get any better than that.

A Spree in Paree 
Farm animals go to Paris for the day. It made us laugh.

Mama's Perfect Present
The story isn't about Paris, but through the illustrations you get a lot of Parisian details.

Adèle & Simon
Again, not specifically about France or Paris in particular, but the Eiffel Tower is in the background and the kids walk through the streets of Paris through the story.

The Red Balloon
A classic Paris tale. Juliet likes how the boy flies away with the balloons at the end.

Marguerite Makes a Book
This takes place in Paris in the early 1400s and is the story of a girl who helps her aging father finish a book. (He is the town's best manuscript illuminator.) This book is amazing. We fell in love with it and I will probably write another post about it soon.

The Secret Circus
Is beautifully illustrated and inspired some Eiffel tower artwork for us. (See our artwork here.)

Everybody Bonjours!
This one nicely highlights all the major landmarks of the city and throws in a little bit of French that is simple for kids to pick up on.

Belinda in Paris
This story is about a ballerina who needs a new pair of pointe shoes. She travels all around Paris and uses creative problem solving skills to get them in time for her performance that night.

This is from the adult section, but I liked that we could see some art that is actually in the Louvre. The Mona Lisa is the obvious piece, but we also enjoyed a Vermeer (The Lacemaker) and a few Boticelli pieces.

This is kind of a hefty list, but maybe you can find a few at your library.

Do you have a favorite Paris book to add to the list? 

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Whitney @ Pen Pals and Picture Books said...

I wish I was your neighbor! You have the best ideas!! My kids and I would be over learning from you and J all the time! Now that we've read so many cinderellas from other cultures, I think we have a great starting point for a world tour via books. Also, tonight is the first time I saw the post on the actual computer...and it was large enough for me to recognize a little artistic brunette there in the photo with the Eiffel tower :) Qui?
I must find the giraffe book for sure. And the book making one. Oh I'm excited now, I wonder what country we should start with?

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