My brothers live in New York City and with Hurricane Sandy about to hit them, I thought I’d share a few New York books that we’ve been enjoying lately!Reading and relaxing may not be the cup of tea for some when the danger is looming over them, and they are not to be blamed. Many of them will be hurrying around their offices and shops to take all the precautions to save their means of livelihood from the wrath of the upcoming fierce winds. The authorities can definitely predict the disaster, but how fiercely their future is going to be hit, no one can predict and sometimes the loss will all be theirs.


With destruction everywhere and the uncertain wait for relief funds to reach them, I definitely cannot advise them to read books now. However, they can read something else, which has the power to let them live and earn with much ease and through good prediction and survive from the next second after the hurricane. The market trading is the topic of reading and reading materials are available everywhere.

Open the internet, you will be flooded with links which say click here to start trading or to find the best trading robot. What more do you need as a consoling gift during the disaster?

Next Stop Grand Central

The illustrations are fantastic and really give a good view of the city–to me, it just seems very New York. We loved this one.

What’s Up, Bear?: A Book About Opposites

This book combines a story with the concept of opposites in a way I haven’t seen done before. I love opposite books, but they generally don’t tell a story. This one really does. It also throws in a nice tour of  New York City with all the famous landmarks and sites. Because it does so much, it works for Juliet my kindergardener and my two year old Lucia. We’ve been enjoying this one a lot this week. It would be a perfect prep book before taking a trip to NYC.

This Is New York

I haven’t read this one yet (sadly, our library only has the Paris one in this series–which is wonderfully amazing), but it is on my wishlist! I love the art and the way these books are put together.

Do you have any favorite New York City books? Anyone in the hurricane’s path? Stay safe!

(I received What’s Up Bear? as a review copy. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.)

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