Front facing book shelves

October 16, 2012

Several weeks ago, I picked up some of the old picture ledge/front facing book shelves from ikea. I've seen these on a million blogs, but had yet to try them out. 

I was always skeptical because--yes, they look good--but how many books can they hold? And do you know how many books we have? I mean, we have some serious books. I didn't know if we could spare the space for some stylish, yet not quite functional book storage. 

But try it we did and I'm changing my tune. 

It's true that they don't hold that many books, but what they do is make books attractive and not just in the way they look, but in the way they draw kids to them. 

The first morning these were set up, the girls ran to them and pulled off every single book off the shelf and read them. 

Just sat down and read some books. Books we have had for a long time that are always on our shelves, yet have never caused them to run and rip them off the shelves and sit and read them through. 

I placed some of Juliet's books on the top shelf and some of Lucia's on the bottom. 

But what was funny was that they both wanted to read all of them--Lucia was interested in Juliet's picks and Juliet was flipping through Lucia's board books. 

I also like that it's easy to assemble a collection of books on a theme (like the flower them on the top shelf in the photo). It's a great way for me to get organized and get ready for a week of homeschool. I just set out the books we need or are focusing on that week and I'm set. 

Also, the kids know where to put the books back where we can easily find them again for the next day. 

I'm sure you probably already knew how great front facing bookshelves were, but I just wanted to share my new love for them. 

Do you have front-facing shelves in your home or classroom? What do you think? How do you find them useful? 

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