October 26, 2012

There is an amazing list of Cinderellas from around the world books on Pen Pals and Picture books. (Thanks, Whitney!)  I was so excited to find 10 Cinderella stories at our library! To celebrate, (and because we have a few pumpkins hanging around our yard), Juliet decided to paint Cinderella's carriage. 
I love how it turned out! The version we have is by Marcia Brown, but as you can see by the cover, the carriage does not look like a pumpkin. 
However, I do have this cute vintage pencil sharpener (seen in first photo) that is very pumpkin-like and we used that as inspiration.

After we read all our Cinderella books, I'll share our favorites in a post. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

{I found the pencil sharpener on cmemma3's etsy shop.}

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