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October 25, 2012

With election day almost upon us, I thought I'd pick up a few books to share the democratic process with the kids. I found the first two at the library and we enjoyed them.

Duck for President
Duck gets tired of his job at the farm and wants to run for the farmer's job. He decides it isn't that great and runs for governor. Then he sets his sights for President. Eventually, he decides being a duck is not so bad.

Vote for Me!
This book seems pretty true to life. At one point, the donkey says, "Well, you certainly do, you big, STINKY pooper scooper!" to which the elephant replies, "Pooper scooper, eh? Well, take this, you nincompoop!" (and then he flings mud at him). This is also the part that made Juliet laugh the hardest. In the end, they apologize for the things they said, and the independent mouse wins the election. 

Here are a few others that look good, but we haven't read.

What would you add to the list? 

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