Butterfly count

October 8, 2012

It's no secret that we are into butterflies around here. We found a great book called Butterfly Count at the library. It's the story of a little girl whose grandmother donates her farm to help restore prairie habitats for butterflies. Each year they hold a butterfly count to see which butterflies are returning to the area. 

Since planting a butterfly garden earlier this spring (and raising some painted ladies), Juliet has been obsessed with butterflies. As the garden has grown, we have identified several kinds in our backyard. We even saw two on this page--the Red Admiral and Black Swallowtail. 
In the book, the little girl is searching for a Regal Fritillary--her grandmother's favorite butterfly and one that has become very rare--due to loss of habitat. In the end, she finds one. 
For fun, I picked up some wooden butterfly shapes and let the girls paint them one afternoon in the backyard. Then I stamped their names on each and hot glued them to a scrap of ribbon. 

We hung them on their bedroom door as a personalized name plaque. They are quite pleased with their art. :) 

You could do the same with any shape--dinosaurs, elephants, hearts, etc. 

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