Olympic art for kids

August 7, 2012

Lately, I've been inspired by Tinkerlab's Creative Tables/Invitations to Art. It seems like the past year, our art experiences have been limited to paper and water colors (since that was the easiest thing for both girls ages 5 and 1.5 to do at the same time.) 

But with these art invitations, I realized I could incorporate all sorts of different things and make it different for them every time. 

I saw another blog post about Olympics Art done by British artists and thought we could attempt the same with some paper tubes and paint. But then I stopped myself from talking about how it was to be "Olympic Art" because I wanted to girls to do whatever they wanted to do with the project. 
The girls started making rings and then sliding the tubes across the paper. Juliet moved on to making handprints and then she picked up the tube again. At around 3 pages into her artwork she said to me, "Hey! This looks like the Olympics!" She had never seen the piece that had inspired me, but somehow all the rings and colors got her there anyways. :) 
Lucia had fun sliding the tubes across the paper and I think the effect is quite beautiful. 
We checked out The Mud Flat Olympics from the library this week and enjoyed it. Still on our wishlist is The Fairyland Olympics

What fun or books are you getting into this week? 

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