my kid's sale finds today

August 24, 2012

There's a huge kid's sale every spring and fall and going to it is one of my favorite things. It's a bit of a crazy atmosphere and really crowded, but I generally find some good stuff. 

I love these old wooden playskool puzzles and thought Lucia might get a kick out of it. (She didn't.) Also, I picked up these wooden abc blocks because in my mind, I would love it if my kids would play with blocks for than 1 minute. (They don't.)
I found this pottery barn kids owl halloween bag right as I was leaving--couldn't believe no one else had snatched it up. Lucia is in love with owls and as expected, this was the big hit for her when I brought home the loot and showed it to them. She's been carrying it around all day. 
The sign puzzle looked like big fun to me because Juliet went through a phase where she was always asking me what every sign we passed was for. If they don't end up playing with it, I might turn the pieces into fun magnets. (You can find a similar one here.) 

I also found a pair of pink $2 snow boots for Juliet (in the hopes that it snows at least once this winter--last year it didn't and we were so sad.) And these sparkly gold dress shoes for Lucia--which she wore around the house all day while carrying her very special owl bag. 
I also picked up a THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS BRIEFCASE (which includes 12 books). Usually, I find more books, but this time, this was it. 

Tomorrow they mark a lot of stuff down by 1/2, so I might try to stop by and see if I can find any more books and/or wooden toys my kids won't play with. 

Hope you have a happy weekend!

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