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August 29, 2012

Are any of you on instagram? I find myself a little bit obsessed with it from time to time. It's so much easier than writing a blog post, so I tend to update it a bit more. If you want to follow along and see my photos, my user name is sillyeaglebooks

You can see what color I'm painting my walls....
And what we are having for breakfast....
(we tried our hand at crepes this morning after reading Crepes by Suzette--which is an awesome book, by the way.) 

There is a recipe in the back and it was pretty simple for us to follow (we are VERY novice bakers/cooks/chefs/cooking people.)

I also hope to share photos from my vintage book hunting adventures and shots of some of our favorites from our home collection.

I've had a personal instagram account for awhile, but I just started this one (sillyeaglebooks) for the blog. I think I"ll be on it most of the time, so if you follow me on my other account, then be sure to follow me on this one, too!

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